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This is a website dedicated to rewriting history. It's sad that there are so many websites like this, perpetrated by evil people. It's pure evil.

This is really a Holocaust site, disguised as a website on tolerance. Try to notice that everything is skewed a little bit towards talking about the Holocaust and painting Jews in a favorable light. It's hard to see the bias at first but that's the point. It's supposed to slowly change your thinking. It's really dastardly if you think about it.

First, ask yourself, why does the Holocaust figure so prominently on this website. There have been so many other incidents that have sparked larger number of deaths. How many ethnic groups were targeted, starved, and killed under Stalin's regime? Where are the articles about Mao? How many died under his oppressive regime?

But, let's talk about the Holocaust since it figures so prominently in this website.
During the Holocaust, how many Jewish people died? I have no idea but this website seems to know that it's certainly 6 million. I don't think any Jewish scholar has ever claimed an exact number that high.

Now, where are the articles about the Polish? Didn't they die in mass numbers as well? Wasn't it millions too? How many really did die by Hitler's hand? For some odd reason, I can't find it anywhere here. Instead, I read this nice article about the Polish on this objective website:


In fact, they lace the story about how Polish people were also complicit in the Holocaust. That they were evil as well. On the other hand, is there anything written negatively about JEWISH people? I don't see a single fact written negatively about Jews. But, the truth is that that there were mass numbers of JEWISH collaborators that helped Germans exterminate their own people. Can anyone tell me how many of them there were? Even if you wanted to know, you can't even find it on the internet. The exact number is written on some documents locked away in Israel.

This website also doesn't conveniently mention the fact that Jews would also inform on Polish people who helped them and who were trying to save Jews. Entire Polish resistance networks would be killed by Jewish informants. Why no mention of this?

This website is insidious. It's history rewriting at its finest. Total bias. Lack of objectivity.

I actually think this is a great website to show kids how brainwashing starts. You need to be very careful.


5 years ago

Heavily liberal site. Caters to liberal ideas whilst destructively opposing basic Western principles. Heavily reinforces multiculturalism and the destruction of Western culture.

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