5 years ago

I ordered some blackout drapes for my bedroom in April of 2015. They took the money out of my account immediately for $185.85. Said it would take about six weeks. Time passed and no drapes. No info was forthcoming either. I called many times and each time I got the run-around and rudeness as well. It's now August and still no drapes. They just keep saying the fabric is in shipment. I even wrote to customer service and got no reply. Half the time they won't even answer their phone and if you leave a message, they never return the call. I finally contacted the Better Business Bureau and filed a complaint, but nothing so far. I requested they refund my money but never got a response on that either. I then checked online and there are literally hundreds of reviews stating the exact same issue with this company. How they can get away with out and out scamming is beyond me, but they seem to continue to operate. They also have sites online by the name of American Draperies and Blinds and Half Price Drapes. Stay away from those sites too, unless you want to give them money you'll never see again! Horrible company and one that should not be in business. Steer clear of this excuse of a company!!!

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