1 year ago

So frustrated. Wrote a one-star review on the Battery.FactoryOutletStore review page and heard back from a customer service manager who was going to make things right. She would send me two replacement batteries for the two that were dead and wouldn't charge. What I received was a totally different battery that didn't look like any power tool I had. In order to get REPLACEMENT replacement batteries, I would have to return these batteries AT MY COST. Now, since they are lithium and I'm an honest citizen, I told USPS that they were lithium batteries, so I couldn't ship them by USPS for $3. I had to go with UPS for an ADDITIONAL $12 (for their mistake and to add insult to injury for my original order) to return wrong batteries that were never what I ordered. They received the batteries a few weeks ago, but I haven't STILL to this date received the correct replacement batteries for my Hitachi. Order # : FOS9634851E… and this will be my last. Save yourself the frustration and just buy them at Home Depot or Lowes for a premium because you'll spend that much anyway, but you get the backing of a national company who will stand behind what they sell.


1 year ago

Stay away!!!! I was shipped the wrong product. I called and was told to send it back. Now they expect me to pay shipping back. That is crap. It was 100% there fault. I should not have to pay shipping back.

Order number

Trying to work it out with company but no luck with reason so far

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