3 years ago

I bought a folding bike online last Thursday to go out cycling with my friends in the weekend.

It was supposed to be delivered on Friday. It did not happen and the website said there was an error in the system, it would be delivered the next day. And next day the same thing happened again.

I contacted Fadello and they told me it was placed on a wrong carrier and it will be delivered on Monday evening. And guess what? Nobody showed up on Monday either! I waited at home three evenings in a row while nothing happened and nobody contacted me to explain what went wrong.

It's not a letter, not a parcel. It's a big box for a bicycle! How can you give it to a wrong carrier three times? I have been shopping online for many years and I have never seen or heard anything so ridiculous.


3 years ago

Paid extra at parfumerie.nl to get timely delivery. Delivery service was fadello.nl, appeared trustworthy, received a track and trace. Spent the entire evening at home from 18:00 – 23:30 waiting for the delivery. At 23:30 the tracking status changed from to be delivered between 18:00 and 23:30 to we came around but no one was there, complete nonsense, we were home the entire time! If you don't make your delivery time, own up to it and don't sell BS!


4 years ago

No delivery on time, no answer to e-mails. Terrible service

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