9 years ago

Their website reviewed that a refund is possible but this is not the case as I just found out. Their customer support was abusive and made accusations for their misinterpretation of a request to check for size as opposed to making the dress to the specified measurement.

"Special Request: Measured on 04/09/2011Bust 34.5"Waist 31"Hips 41"Hollow to Hem 54.5"Not sure if this measurement is closest to US Size 12. Please check.Color :Ivory
Color: Iovry
Size: Us Size 12"

Notice the color and the size has been repeated. This is because they were the options chosen from the drop down box and has duplicated on the tax invoice of which I was accused of ordering a custom size dress. Maybe I haven't made myself clear, so I was told but is this special request an implication to the dressmaker to make it to given size measurement or is it a question for their expert team of dressmaker to advise which size group I belonged to…….maybe some of you might like to help me out on this one??

Quoted from the customer support representative," You get what you pay for" and she was right about that!!!!! The dress looked CHEAP! Gosh so they do..it is not the '90% close to the original dress' that they claimed. And they will not refund if you're not satisfied or so they claimed otherwise on their FAQ page. It's been a roller coaster experience but it is a lesson learnt.


10 years ago

I don't know why anyone would choose to buy something as important as their bridal gown from China, but that doesn't mean they don't or you wouldn't. Maybe there's nothing closer to home that appeals to you.

All the same, I would probably think carefully about a bridal store that 'borrows' text from other sites and also advertizes "best replica watches", "fitted hat", "rosetta stone language city affiliate tecsun degen radio", "Evening Dresses, Gucci Discount Handbags, larry fitzgerald jerseys", and "unique wedding rings". I could be wrong, but I think there's something vaguely suspicious about this one.


10 years ago

i want to thank the team for the beautiful dress and the

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