Fairfield Services

2 years ago

If you are thinking of getting a loan from Fairfield Financial Services, think twice. There No is 1888-205-9373. The address is 855 Williamston St Vista Ca 92084. This company has a large calling center. I spoke to a woman named Katie Parker her ex is 8002. She told me I was approved for a 5000 dollar loan, However she said because of my credit I would need to send them 450 collateral. She said this will be applied to the loan and I will not have a payment for 3 months. I sent the money western union to a Joseph walker In London Ontario Canada. Afterwards I called back Katie and she said the lender revaluated my contract and request another450. I told her she ripped me off and I am not giving her another 450. She told me I could get a refund in thirty days. I told her like if that is going to happen. This company already lied to me. This company pays dishonest people and is a US Company effective in organized crime. Don't be fooled from the devil who wears Prada.

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