7 months ago

It's a great book / exchange for anonymous betting with crypto, deposits / withdrawals are smooth and w/o any issues which is key. Limits are pretty good as well and odds straight from pinny – not too shabby. However – the layout could not be worse – I think these tried to be inituitive but honestly this is just soooo unnecessarily complicated and cumbersome. Had to remove a star for it and probably should remove two but anything else ist just satisfying so Ima give four.


1 year ago

This site scams its users and is currently apparently withholding money that a user deposited without giving appropriate reasoning. Do not use site. I also have had serious issues.


2 years ago

Awesome site, Good prices, low fees. They have a good search and filters that let's you find what you are looking for quite quickly.


3 years ago

One of the best places in the internet to place your bets. You usually get better odds than anywhere else. UI is improveable. The customer service is great.


4 years ago

Guys, I used to gamble with Fiat and when I look back it was a horror! So much better with Bitcoin and Fairlay is one of the main reasons why it's such a neat experience.

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