Fairstone Financial Inc.

4 months ago

Fairstone is basically spamming my mailbox. I get a letter every single month.

This is such a waste of paper. If I ever need to lend money, I will certainly NEVER go to fairstone as I think this marketing tactic is both archaic and invasive.

I wish they had a SIMPLE and efficient way of removing my data from their spam-list, like a website or an email but no, you have to either phone a surtaxed number of send a fax….

Please don't encourage this kind of company that does not care about environment or people.


4 months ago

Fairstone says their lending criteria is looser then the banks which isnt true. I have fair credit with no delinquent accounts and they still denied me.


5 months ago

I always have a good view of the people in the Brantford Branch of Fairstone. They always give good advice. They are always very friendly and have a good humor.


5 months ago

Complete garbage of a "bank". They charged me 65$ of interest on a interest free loan and claims its because my loan expired 5 days before the date they had on their statement as a "pay by date". this was never mentioned by anyone I ever spoke with at Fairstone. They also charged me interest on the full loan amount of 600$ and not the remaining balance of 95$. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM OF A COMPANY


5 months ago

Years ago, I had purchased a mattress through Sleep Country Canada. Payments were deferred to what was then known as, 'Citifinancial'. I was one payment away from paying off the mattress and received a sales call, which sounded very good at the time.

I was in a pinch, and they had called me at the right time. Saying they would make my last payment and offer me a $2000 loan. I obliged, as at that time I was desperate to pay some of my debts off and have some extra money.

This was the worst thing I could have done. The interest rate was high, obviously, I had bad credit at the time. They glossed over the paperwork quite quickly as to offer me something that sounded ideal, it wasn't. I ended up paying interest that was more than the principal loan.

They ruined my credit further because I had like 2 months out of 24 late payments, and had agreed to pay the loan in full. Unbeknownst to me, there was also an additional charge for those late fees that were not included in the final payment. Which in turn affected my credit, because they decided to report it without my knowledge.

PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM! Ask friends or family for a personal loan instead, if you are desperate.

The people working for the company are obviously paid commission to get you in and offer a loan service, regardless of credit history. Red flag! STAY AWAY!

There are other credit institutions that will gladly help, and not try to sell you services that seem highly illegal with their interest rates. Highway robbery is putting it lightly.


6 months ago

The Airdrie branch of Fair stone was wonderful. Specifically Erma. She was fantastic to deal with and a pleasure to talk with. She made the whole process easy. Thanks Erma, great job.


6 months ago

Excellent experience with them.Paulo was just fantastic.Going through a messy divorce and credit was shot even my bank laughed at me.Thought I鈥檇 try and glad I did I needed the money so bad and Paulo got me a great deal for my credit and repeated himself on the terms of loan so there was no confusion made sure I understood.Excellent service I will definitely come back for loans.


7 months ago

Fairstone Financial Canada, was originally Associate Financial, then it became Citi-Financial. Initially, I applied many years ago for a loan at Associates to rebuild my credit after a bitter divorce and bankruptcy. Over the years, my late second husband and I would borrow from them. Both of us where physically and mentally disabled, individuals who had major breakdowns in our lives. Because of our disabilities we lived in poverty from paycheck to paycheck, and we often helped others before ourselves. One of the people we helped was my mother, she came to live with us and helped us with our mortgage for handicap renovations to our home. However, upon her death, we were unable to secure a mortgage through a reputable bank, and at the time our only option was Citi-financial. So we took out a mortgage with them. We had asked to have the manager to pay an outstanding credit card debt, however, the manager didn't properly check to see the proper amount owing on it. We had to take a mortgage with Citi when my mother passed inorder to pay back the estate the mortgage we borrowed. When it came time to get a renewal, we were sure that we had no outstanding debts, and applied to banks and financial brokers, but were refused. I even contacted Head Office in Quebec, a month before my husband died, complaining about this and they did nothing. He passed away this February 2020, and because of this Covid19 virus, everything has been slow in getting pensions settled. We are both seniors, and they have the tendency to constantly harass me to pay my mortgage. Well the pensions finally came in and payments are caught up. The stress from dealing with them gave me AFIB. Also, they keep sending mailings to my late husband asking to borrow more money, that is what got us in this place in the first place. They renewed our mortgage without telling us last year, they never gave us any documentation, the interest rate was higher, also, they never informed or offered us life insurance. I am still on the hook for that outstanding credit card in my late husbands name. They have never apologized for the stress and anxiety that they put us through. I even tried to get a law firm to put a class action lawsuit against them for their mishandling of us and others like us to no avail. I am an accounting clerk and my late husband was a class-A Auto Mechanic. Both of us suffered from severe PTSD and arthritis. We lived on disability pensions, and this company feeds on the weak and the vulnerable. I hope to God that one day someone does something about, companies like them.


9 months ago

Bad is not a word for this company.
Never give answer when you need pay off . Don't have customer services attention. Your balance never decrease only increase.
It is legal? What we can a do to stop this insane business?

if you are interesting in lost your money and patient. Fairstone is the answer!!!This company can rob you of your money without somehow running afoul of any law or regulatory body.


10 months ago

Recently, due to the Pandemic and the chance of being laid off I reached out to Fairstone as I have a loan with them which has been paid on time, and in full for the past year. I was instructed by the salesman (Manny Gill from Drive Co) whom obtained this loan for me via Fairstone.

Well let's just say the following has occurred in the past year,upon recieving the vehicle, wheel studs had started breaking the vehicle due to the Fact that Pioneer Jeep Chrysler/ Drive Co, had installed the wrong tires and rims. I had to replace the parts myself out of pocket with still no payment from Drive Co as promised. Other issues with the vehicle are as follows:
– non reported damage to vehicle
– vehicle pulls very hard to right, even after they claimed to have fixed it
– transmission lunges forward, or shifts roughly when driving lurching vehicle forward unsafely
– unreadable dash serial number
– claimed to have sent money to me but returned due to NSA, No such address???? How did they deliver me the loaner vehicle then if they don't have my address.
And much much more. I tried to reach out to Fairstone to inform them of these issues and see if they could assist me with Pioneer Jeep Chrysler/Driveco in having these issues resolved. After several emails , voicemail, attempts the only thing which occurred is the FACT that payments started coming out to create NSF charges at my bank, as they take payments out when they feel like it and do not stay true to their word.
I tried reaching out to Fairstone to obtain financing for a holiday trailer to live in as I know my job will be stopped due to the covid 19 issues we are facing. Trying to look into the future and secure a place to live, due to the fact that I have to be out of the residence I rent on May 1st due to the fact it is a resort and they would need this unit back for business booking during their season to regular returning customers.
I reach out to Fairstone to assist me with this issue only to be Tricked into a credit check and then told I cannot obtain a loan and we don't finance vehicles.
Now how is it that Fairstone, whom hold my loan, have taken payments for a year now, can not find me on the system why would a girl whom works for Fairstone Kamloops B.C. run a report then inform me, (proudly I might ad) that she can't do nothing for me, and can't even find me in the computer but yet gave me a bogus account number. I contact Fairstones SET team, again told can't find my account?? I check my paperwork closer, no account number???
Since this has occurred my fears have come true, I have been laid off from work, I must be out of my rental by May1st and now I have nowhere to stay with a loan for a total piece of junk.
Did I mention the fact that since dealing with Drive Co, Fairstone, and Pioneer Jeep Chrysler that my credit has dropped over 70 points due to these people and their tactics. They should be ashamed of themselves and should have their licenses revoked and or fined for these shady tactics . I can go on with more but why bother they have lied to me, destroyed my credit, marked up the vehicle price $4000.00 than the quoted price. Not one of these companies have assisted me in any way. Pioneer Jeep Chrysler in Miasion B.C, even knowing I was interested in a trailer they had in stock, ,(they actually have 2) explained everything again and the seriousness of this transaction due to my predicament due to covid 19, they run my credit 3 times, but never for a Trailer, then tell me to call back in a month or two and try again. Now with that said, I would be paid at work, or have another option of work where i need a trailer, and would be paid for its use, as well as being paid for my job.
– I make 2xs as much per pay now as I did when purchasing the vehicle a year ago
– Inforned them I had a co signer as well that could help, paid a year
– explained the extra income as well as a good paying job
– instead I get over 70 points off my credit score, homeless and no help


11 months ago

My husband had a great visit with Fair stone Financial.
they have excellent staff very friendly and happy to help us
First time i ever went to a place and was treated like areal customer thanks for making our day


1 year ago

I'll be brief… If you've ever wondered how severely a company can rob you of your money without somehow running afoul of any law or regulatory body, Fairstone is the answer.

My friend just bought out their loan after paying over 10 thousand back over 2 years, only to find that zero percent (that's 0.00%) of their principal balance has been paid down. If that sounds like something you'd like to try, be my guest.


1 year ago

My mom is an elderly woman who has been having short term memory problems. I just found out that Fairstone gave her 29000 dollars, when the debts that she had could have gone into bad debts and she wouldn't have been fighting to keep a roof over her head now. Of course they wouldn't give her the prudent information, like her all her credit cards could have gone into bad debts without affecting her house but instead they did not tell her that so they could make as much money off a confused lady who didn't know her rights. As her daughter, I am having to sell her car and eliminate every possible expense I can think of to try to stay above board plus I had to refinance my mortgage because of this company. Her interest alone 1s 390.00 a month on a 500.00 dollar payment. She will never be able to pay this back in her lifetime.


1 year ago

Caring and understanding people


1 year ago

my experience with lynn rifle at your king st. branch in oshawa, ont was excellent. she made me feel at ease and was very informative. she also went step by step with me with the processing of the loan. I definitely felt real good about the transaction. she was very patience as they had offered this loan approx l year or so ago but continued to follow up until i was ready to make the move. thank you again, it is people like lynn who make all the difference in the world. thanks beatrice dorey.


2 years ago

This company really needs to be stopped!!! How many calls can you make to the same number before it is considered harassment????? I have no account and have no idea how they have my phone number. My ex purchased a mattress with them and did not pay the balance. I get 2 calls every single weekday. I have given them the correct contact information several times, politely asked for my number to be removed from the database, aggressively asked for my number to be removed, several calls later. This is absolutely unacceptable!!!!

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this stop?!?!

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