FaktorTel Pty

1 year ago

Used to be fantastic, now they've become bigger & their support people & system are terrible – you'll be waiting for a really long time before you get any help. Of course it depends who you get when that help comes, as I found most of the support people have little knowledge or skill (eg Kevin or Kristaj), so they just give you the run around. Considering you're paying for this, it's totally unacceptable to be treated this way. Unfortunately they have removed pages & pages of helpful info on configuring and set up softphones with VOIP technology, so where once you used to be able to do it all yourself following clear instructions, now you're forced to contact the Support people for everything including configuration. You'll get a response in 3 days (that's 3 days you're not able to use your phone!!), the response will be unhelpful & a way of getting rid of you – mostly saying they can't help you. You need to keep pushing, every request is another 3 days!! I used to love Faktortel, now I hate the hell out of them.

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