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1 year ago

– In 07/2018, 200 Emails needed and over 90 days till I got my EMINEM Coachella 2018 (#EMNM54261) & Shady Records T-shirts.
Long fight with the Customer Service via Email.
Only Copy and paste massages.
Tried to work aginst the Contract, caus the shipping showed at the Order Page UPS International but they wanted to send it out via UPS MAIL Innovations.
(First Order was shown lost at an unkown Transporter in an unkown City in Germany.)
After beefing with the CS Crew (Faylin, Katie, Robert, Brian, Imani, Nick ect.) I got my Order via UPS INTERNATIONAL; WITH A WRONG Invoice of Artist Endeavor in 2300 Gainsboro street: 20$ (for 2 Tshirts incl shipping costs). I had to explain UPS International in Germany after checking the Bag, that this is wrong and I had to pay TAX for the original price: 72,40$.
Waiting till today for an explanaition, cause the other strange thing was the Warehouse and the Shipping Points. The Warehouse was Axson Revocoat a Car Company (advertising signs was at the doors) and the shipping "start" showed on the Map they send: 9 Mile Rd/ Woodward Ave in Ferndale: The statue "Drive safely – walk right"

(But the 2018 WOODWARD DREAM CRUISE Carshow in August 18 was great that day as I visited the Trackingpoint to get my T-shirts on Vacation next to the Effigy Recording Studio)

The Artist Endeavor Owner Andrew Dresser also
showes on LinkedIn thier Office is in Charlestown, Massachusetts with 2-10 People.
So if you buy stuff in the UMG Webshops and you got Problems… the worst Customer Service ever…

(No. for EX FH CEO Mike Fiebach in the Philly Police Station is: DC#2018-06-035997)

-First release Date for the EMINEM "Slim Shady Expanded Edition" Vinyl and Cassette was for March 2019 shown on the EMINEM Webshop (FameHouse) and February 23, 2019 "coming soon" (Eminem IG) People asked for on IG and Twitter, the selling started in November 2019.

-official Eminem Store IG @eminemstore of UMG in Comments Customers Missing their payed Orders: MTBMB Vinyl, SSLP20 Vinyl and Merchandise

– Shopping Test Jan 04 2020 Order #EMNM145676 was shipped with 2 Sticker: EMINEM and Artist Endeavor 2300 Gainsboro Street Ferndale, MI. Postage paied and shipped Jan 07 2020 from Chicago IL.

(Copy I send to Eminem)

– complex.com:
Frank Ocean stans could wait years for endless but not an extra month for the vinyl

– Customers waits a long time for the payed Order
(Over 310 days and then cancelled the shipping: Ariana Grande CANCELLED Lithos | Sara Harlee – YouTube)

– Jessica was not happy to wait so long for her Order August 03, 2018 #ARIANA26081 and the missing Ariana Grande Lithographs and got one Autograph with no Number and wrote it's not Ari's.
Shipped from: Ariana Grande 4612 Burleson Rd, Ste I Austin, TX 78744 (I鈥檓 not sure if it鈥檚 the "Austin's Most Wanted Barbershop" or Garage – texted us via FB Messenger)

– other Customers had to be a lawyer to get the Order (Twitter)

– or used Better Business Bureau庐 all Complaint Case online to read:
"Fame House" & "Universal Music Publishing Group"
(criminal pack – do not do business with Michael Fiebach or seek advice from him for your safty)

– even a former employee, I texted with, wants nothing more to do with these people

– On Glassdoor – Fame House Reviews:
Ex Employees wrote
"Toxic Environment"
Former Employee – Customer Service in Phila, PA
I worked at Fame House full-time for more than a year
Beer in the office. Trying to convince myself working in the music industry is cool.
Absolutely disgusting building. Elevators never work. Cockroaches all over the bathrooms and kitchen. Mice running over peoples feet. Heat and AC constantly fail leaving everyone in a miserable state. CEO and leadership do not care. They put all their dirty work on 1 poor girl who is the office manager. Leadership is incredibly rude and unprofessional. Managers slap people on their butts, call people derogative names, and make people feel very uncomfortable. Because of this turnover is super high. The pay is embarrassing and you can make more money being a waiter in the city. I ADVISE EVERYONE TO STAY AWAY! This company will now grow your career. In fact, you will be sent running in the direction of a different industry!
Advice to Management:
Where to begin. First, make pay more competitive if you want to keep employees. Second, clean your disgusting office environment. No one wants to bring cockroaches from work back to their homes. Third, be more professional. Just because you're a 'start-up' and no one there is above the age of 30, doesn't mean you can treat people like crap. Show some respect. I have a feeling you guys are going to liquidate to UMG soon and leave everyone jobless.

… thx 4 MusicToBeMurderedBy

P.s. @Mike: the "Coffin" is made for 2 – thx for blocking me on Instagram and Twitter 2018!

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