4 years ago

Puppy scam Shipping scam

I purchased a chihuahua puppy from Martins Muna from family chihuahua's in Baltimore Maryland everything I found was and seemed fine they kept in contact by phone even after I money grammed the 600.00 for the puppy it wasn't till the flight itinerary info was emailed to me, Martins called saying something about an issue they told him to have me deal with before they could finish the flight details but when I viewed the email from Starwood pet express it was not a professional email for one not even the attached bill for an obseen amount they wanted 980.00 for life an travel insurance which never should you have to pay for that it's an option and this wasn't even an airport like delta southwest so all alarms went off I called martins he answered so I didn't feel he was actually trying to scam he said he was sorry and was calling to check in on this I told him I look this Starwood pet express up an it wasn't even an actual site everything it pulled up was about how it's a scam for shipping puppies/animals, so he said he sometimes used them never had issues but if I wasn't comfortable then we use their other shipper Delta which everyone's familiar with them so he said I to can call an check flights etc. so I did its was only going to be 205.00 total for a few hour flight and since I was going to be paying I wanted to to this I called him back told him about it and that that's what I wanted to do so let me know if he could drop the puppy off at the airport by then he said he was at work and would call back shortly to figure things out an let me know this all happened by 10:30am the morning of April 13, 2016 the flight wasn't till 3pm I never heard back I've been calling texting emailing and nothing so I'm devastated this puppy meant a lot to me my heart was set on him and then all that I can't understand how people still get away with this type of fraud an scam they even was wanting us to fly there before we paid anything and we even really considered it that's why it was even more of a blow when he just stopped answering took my money and I'm just at a lost I don't know I could ever take anything online as real any more, but I hope this don't happen to others it goes to show even sites that check out may still be a scam in the end!

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