6 months ago

FFP claims to have a fair and impartial policy. They say they depend on ratings in order to determine what poetry to publish. The ugly truth about that is that is while your poem is flagged 鈥榩ending' for months at a time, FFP are working behind the scenes to flood you with their chosen poems to rate. They do not even have all of the many categories of poems on the rating page. Also, note they are 鈥榬ecent,' but when you see the posting there is no date on it. Why? Meanwhile, your poem is rendered to die a slow death of little or no recognition at all. And if you try to use the FFP search engine, you find that it is complete garbage. You will find nothing with this. They are the biggest sheisters out there. If I could give this a big fat zero, I would. You have been warned!


7 years ago

A "showcase poetry" site. They have a large selection of poems organized by category. These are not the type of poems that will make you concentrate. It's not a site for the serious poetry enthusiast, but for someone just getting started with poetry this is a great site. If you are looking for a poem to share, doing a school assignment or just looking for catharsis and healing this is a neat poetry site for you.


10 years ago

always popups

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