5 years ago have Roche RIVOTRIL 2mg, which was withdrawn in the UK last year, leaving only Auden McKenzie generic clonazepam which I find very poor and not half as effective – I used to have Rivotril prescribed by brand name.
I found they also offer my preferred anxiolytic, XANAX, in 1mg strength and also the cheaper but good quality Ratiopharm generic. Previously the now-defunct Airmail Group was the only place to obtain that strength (UK Pharmacies are limited to the weak 0.5mg) but Luise provide them on an EU prescription, dispensed outwith the UK and sent (rapidly) by mail order. Many payment methods. They are cheaper than most online pharmacies of that type and unlike White Pharmacy (qv) they supply slow release 60 & 120mg dihydrocodeine as well.
I can not find a bad thing to say about them; all shipments are made by registered mail, Global Priority, so can take as little as four days from ordering.
An excellent site particularly for those needing anxiolysis with dosages which have been deleted from the NHS list.

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