7 years ago

I bought 3 x FLUVENVET 60G for my Chickens who has all the symptoms on throat worms. In Denmark, where I live, you'll have to consult a veterinarian if your animals needs medicine but with the cost of at least 100 pounds for the consultation PLUS the cost of medicine this would be a total waste of money and therefor we normally slaughter the chickens when those worms reaches them.
But then I found this webshop selling Fluvenvet at a low cost so I decided to order 3 treatments just to be sure that we get rid of the worms once and for all.
The product was just added to their food as described and now we will just have to wait and see how they look by the end of next week.

Shipping was a little bit expensive (24 pounds to Denmark. Shipped as a "Signed for…" letter) but if you split the costs over three treatments then it is okay I think.
Shipment came only 4 days after I placed the order! That is fast!
Overall I had a great experience with this company and I can highly recommend it to everybody.

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