4 months ago

This software has made a big difference. Excellent tech support from a software engineer. Apparently all their tech support are engineers. Would recommend going for the "Making Your PC Better" session if offered. An overall very worthwhile investment.


5 months ago

I recently had a very annoying and aggressive popup ad claiming to be from McAfee. I called McAfee to complain. They did a thorough search of my computer and discovered the the source of the ad to be They removed it and I have been trouble free ever since. It cost me $70 to have it removed though. Stay away from Fast and their scams.


8 months ago

I requested a refund for Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Business (with Outlook) as a MS subscription was more practical for my needs. They would not refund the cost, would not allow me to speak to a senior manager and were just unhelpful with no customer service. I called Microsoft about such sales and they said consumers are allowed 30 days for a refund if you buy from Microsoft. Stay away from this company and buy direct from Microsoft on a subscription. Buyer beware!


9 months ago

Tried this when it was V.1.0. My computer was already blazing fast. 6 cores at 333, 12G, SS boot drive. Was already a 17 second boot as per Wise Care. Other than no change in boot up, any app I tried opened in "a blink of an eye". Everything, and I'm not an office user or casual web surfer. My machine is loaded down with hi-end professional Digital Audio Workstations and the like.

I"m renewing mine automatically. You shoud ignore the fake bad reviews here. Ever hear of industrial espionage? That's what's going on with this BS.


9 months ago

Scammers. Send out fake emails asking you to "renew" your Microsoft Office license (which you never purchased from them) and then ask for your credit card number if you follow the link.


10 months ago

1. As said by a post in 2017, the trial test is over so quick that it is impossible to see if it actually works as it says it does.
If they had any confidence it worked, they would allow two days trial and get lots of new business.

2. They do not give ANY address or contact details,
I believe this is against the 'WWW' law.

Steer clear – ethical companies do not act like this.


11 months ago

To clarify – For a start, I am not "this is this guy again, extorting us unless we pay him he will publish negative reviews about us" and secondly I am female.


2 years ago

This company is horrible. Please don't waste your money. Not only did this software cripple my computers with very slow speed, but after I paid for their subscription for 5 computers, they had the nerve to call my business and harass my office staff. The person on the phone made threats to my office manager saying we stole the software and if we didn't pay $80 immediately, that they would call the police on us. Please run from this company and never look back!


3 years ago

The software they sell is great yet if you don't want it they harass you and call over and over and do not take no for a answer.DO NOT LEAVE YOUR REAL PHONE NUMBER!! I have to call them and tell them over and over to stop calling me. Beware of this web site. Use with caution.

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