3 months ago

Lead generation via affiliate spam, submit your personal and financial details and receive… more spam (but with your name on it next time )


4 months ago

This sketchy company keeps spamming from "" domain that also sends a lot of other scam emails. Don't give this scammer your information. They are going to steal it and/or sell it to other scammers that are going to steal your identity.


4 months ago is a FAKE website that collects personal data and forwards users to a random loan site!


5 months ago

Fast Service. Easy Application!


1 year ago

Well, I don't like how much interest I'm paying but I guess that's my own fault. My credit is not great. These guys got me a loan when I couldn't get one. They did what they said so my rating is based on that.


1 year ago

This guy called me on the very day that I was trying to get a loan and he said he was from capital one and that I was approved and then he said my credit score was kind of close so he was gonna pay off all my credit card so it would come up and then I would pay him back and he would let me know how after the payments cleared then he started wanting me to by Google play cards and send them to him. This work for the 1st card because it cleared right away with the payment my other 2 cards were with discover however and they held the available balance for 2 weeks anyway because that standard so he started finding other ways to try to get me to go give him Google play cards of course I finally started doing research and realizing that this is a big scam then on one occasion that I called him back he didn't answer as quickly and I got his voicemail which was his voice stating a different name which was Jim swartzen and when I questioned him about it he said that was his assistant but it isn't it's his voice I've been talking to him for days non stop I know his voice his Indian. So $345 got given to him through one card but I might have came out on top this time because it looks like the other payments are clearing and now I've changed all my information but I had to totally re route my whole financial life pain in the butt. I hate bastard's. I actually have every single phone call recorded also because of what I do for a living I require such software but I'm not sure what to do with it.


3 years ago

did online loan app. got phone call from them was approved for 2500 for 18 mo they deposited money into my acct saying that since I had bad credit it would help get score up with tat money I had to buy I tunes take pictures of them and send to the 614 phone they did this several times then would call and say that the cards did not activate and they would put more money into my acct then told to buy more cards and send pic of them then I look at my bank acct and now in the red all deposits were either from a closed acct or if from someone else's acct. I have pictures of the written checks

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