3 years ago

First they deposit $200 in my account I had to go to Walmart look little walk to one of the local stores they told me to go to and buy $200 were Fightin car I did I scratch it off at the back of the number two OK they said they鈥檒l get back to me and let me a let me know they鈥檙e going to deposit the money in my account I got approved for $2000 by monthly payments will be one team for 20 month after that if they鈥檙e OK my bank they supplying the money want you to take $200 of your money go buy four more I iTunes car which was $50 apiece scratch it off gave them the information then I said your credit score is 30 points away we鈥檙e going to deposit another $200 in your account go to Walmart bought


7 years ago

Money stolen during loan process

Stole Funds from card. Took money from money pak card fraudulently. Stated that no money would be taken off the card and it was. When card was checked after 30 minutes the funds were gone. The company stated that a hold was placed on our account for money owed. Hurt.

Names used: Jason and Shawn


7 years ago

Sold My Money Never Gave Loan

They took $1,220 of my money and told me they would give a loan for $3,000 and they never deposited or delivered the money to me. The said I had to pay upfront fees because it was an unsecured loan.

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