3 years ago

Very good movies recommending service, based on what I've already watched. Very intuitive and easy to use.


10 years ago

I love the way it looks. They are tweaking it a bit and that's good, it'll even look better later.

I love that there is a timeline so that you can see how often your view films in a certain month or a year. It also accumulates your ratings and averages them out for you in a graph as well as overall. This could indicate what kind of moviegoer you are. Are you negative or positive about the films you view. I'm more positive because I think my average is 7.6 (out of a 10 star maximum).

When you put a film in your timeline you can write a mini review. You can also write a more extensive review, if you'd like. Mini reviews show up under the poster of the film and then towards the bottom are the more extensive reviews.

The search is awesome because you type in a few letters and it'll populate what matches real time. It is a relatively new site, so there are some films that are not yet put into the system. You'll be able to put the information in via the IMDB page for the film.

I am still putting films in I've seen. I haven't caught up with where I am at right now. I like seeing how many I've seen. It's crazy and tires me out just seeing how much I've seen at the theater and through netflix.


11 years ago

The best site for a movie list, just like for movies

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