1 year ago

I am a victim of their scam. I got ripped by this broker recently it was difficult to get a withdrawal. I hired a recovery company to get my funds back. Glad I got my money back through the help of
{ [email protected] g m''a i L .C0Mm} He is very reliable.


1 year ago

Company Executives Scarpered With Our Funds

It was one known as WCI, World Cryptocurrency International which was opened in the US. They claim to be trading Bitcoin and offer members dividend in terms of BTC. Two years later the company founder, Mr. Nguyen left the company and went to start his own so called ForesterX and left Mr. John Rock as the CEO and Brian Downes as President. They have fraud people globally in almost 16 countries in Africa, USA, Asia, Europe and Latin America. Now they dont have funds to pay us back


1 year ago

These guys are good in fooling their clients
The most stupid thing always use bots to answer affiliate

Do waste your money with them
I made a withdraw and they said we are sorry to to process your request takes 30-45days…..Am from East Afica

What a scam company!!!!

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