Fiona Brennan – The Positive Habit

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3 months ago

I signed up to the positive habit online course during our first lock down when fiona so kindly offered it free to help us all with our mental health through this pandemic. I can't believe how much it has helped me, not only relook at the way I view myself and my heridtory heart condition, and the way I deal with it all on a daily basis, but also how to deal with the negative thoughts that creep in! Fionas voice has comforted me and guided me to live more positively, be happy, grateful, more self confident and belive in myself and my body. Its still a challenge at times but I now have the tools and the know how to deal with these challenging times in a more positive way… I am now reading fionas book, the positive habit, which is very inspirational and uplifting and makes me smile. I have all the mp3 downloaded on my phone and listen to them daily, these are a godsend. Also fionas weekly blogs are uplifting and I look forward to them. Having fiona helping me through this pandemic, and the long dark evenings is a shining light.. Ill be forever grateful to fiona Brennan. Thank you so much.


3 months ago

I loved the positive habit! I loved the way I which Fiona explains each positive emotion and it鈥檚 importance in the bigger scheme of things. I enjoyed and still enjoy the audios and found some of the exercises useful to taking a step back or a pause – looking at things in a kinder more positive way.
The program allowed my to review my own emotions and habits – and how I intend to make new habits part of my life.
It鈥檚 always interesting to read a book like this but I found this exceptionally helpful and practical.
Read it – take time for yourself!

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