3 years ago

We have attended this what so called opening celebration of Fiore Travel. On first, it was so shady but then I still took the chance attending there together with my husband. They were so accommodating and it was a nice presentation. We enjoyed it. 🙂


4 years ago

First of all, the "FREE" gift the promise you, is NOT free!! The "taxes" they charge equal out to the same price as the cost!!! Second they are very deceitful. They had me "apply" for a credit card to see if I had "good credit" so that I could get a better deal. They MAXED OUT the card without my knowledge!!! They wouldn't let me cancel even though I called in their "YOU HAVE 5 CALENDAR DAYS TO CALCEL" well it's impossible since they won't return your calls!!! Then it's "You have to cancel in person." Not letting them get away I have an attorney & am going down to BBB etc. HORRIBLE SHADY COMPANY!!!

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