Firebird International Raceway

20000 S Maricopa Rd Chandler 85226 United States
5 years ago

Firebird Raceway is a top-notch organization and the owners do more for the local community than most people realize. Very classy – excellent place to be entertained. AWSOME experience.


6 years ago

I come here to go to Pro Autosports and NASA events. NASA is having road racing on the East track 3-25-14 and 3-16-14 and I went today to hang out with friends and take a few pics. The track is nice and you can bring your sports car and run on the road course. They have different classes for different types of cars and levels of drivers. If you have not run before you have to take a class and get a license but is fun and you will get an instructor to help you learn to drive safe and fast on the course.


8 years ago

I love attending events here…just as long as its at night! The metal bleachers along with the lack of shade makes this a horrible venue during the day with 100+ degree temperatures. They have local run what you brung races thats pretty cool as well.


8 years ago

My family has been going to Firebird for more than 20 years!!! NHRA has become an annual tradition and we are now on the 3rd generation!!!! The staff is always friendly and everybody has a GREAT time!!!! Can't wait for the Nationals again next year!!! WHOMP!!!!


8 years ago

This track is legit. Very smooth, high traction and no issues. I've enjoyed taking my car out. There are usually sanctioned events going on like bracket racing and whatnot. I just casually take my car out to the drags just for fun and the thrill of it.

For first-timers, ask their staff questions. There isn't any signs pointing you from the Tech Inspection to the staging lanes and can be a bit confusing. However, the staff is helpful.

The water box is fairly modest and is easy to drive around if you want to avoid water on your tires.

The only thing holding me back from five stars is the limited availability of the track during Friday and Saturday nights. I've been to the track more than a couple times and they have been closed and had to go all the way to Speedworld. If they could be more open, more frequently on Fri/Sat nights, it would be great.


9 years ago

I came here for the NHRA Finals on Sunday 10/16/11 and I had a great time. The last time I was out here was about 10 years ago for some Top Fuel Hydro races and honestly, not a lot has changed (except for pricing lol).
Also I think every ticket is eligible for pit area access now. Years ago you had to purchase a pit pass if you wanted to check that section out. If you do decide to visit the pit area be sure to stand behind a Dragster or Funny Car when they start it up. Its one of the coolest things you'll ever experience although its not recommended for the faint of heart. Once that NitroMethane fills the air around you your eyes, nose and throat immediately start to burn. It wears off pretty fast but its funny to see everyone running towards fresh air while coughing ( I won't lie, I was one of them).
My overall experience was amazing although its probably better to go during the February races, due to the fact that its still pretty hot out there in October.
Be sure to bring enough cash because everything is pretty pricey but thats to be expected. I think a large beer was about $9.50. GEEZUS!!! Oh and also plan on spending a good half hour trying to get out of there after the races. If you're not in a hurry to leave try to stick around because traffic is a nightmare right after the final race. You can waste some time by going down on the track, which, by the way is really, really sticky (one of my shoes almost fused to the track :D). Or you can buy some discounted food and drink but its definitely not a good idea to leave right away.


9 years ago

Always have a blast when the NHRA comes to town. Parking is 10 bucks and can be a distance so get one of the bike cabs. Overall a great place to spend the day just remember to brings some cash because things a pricey.


10 years ago

Had a living social deal through Drivetech, which borrowed this track. It was kind of hard to find, but once we were there, it was smooth sailing. I bought my bf an introductory class to drive his own formula one racecar, and he had a blast. They give you about 30 min of track time and you can go around and around like the pros (just maybe a little slower). The staff there were all really nice and really focus on making the experience enjoyable for the people riding/driving.

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