11 months ago

I have had several issues with regards my install and at one point assured them I would not leave a negative review but the latest issue is the straw that broke the camels back. The first issue I had was during the modification of the existing opening where only one small lintel was used at the front of the opening. I queried that surely another was required at the back and was told that it wasn't. Thankfully I had a builder working on another project who confirmed a further lintel was required and this was duly installed. it is safe to say at this point I had developed serious doubts as to the competency of the company. However against my better judgement ( I nearly stopped the job on day 2!) I allowed them to continue. Once the install was completed I attempted to wipe down the faux wood surround with a wet paper towel as there was residual plaster on it. having done this the paint flaked off exposing the bare white mould underneath. I accept this was a manufacturing defect but after contacting firecraft the spoke with the manufacturer and the response was that a tub of touch up paint would be sent to me. This is unacceptable, if you bought a new car and the paint flaked off due to a manufacturing defect you would not expect the manufacturer to send you a tub of touch up paint in the post! I told firecraft as much and a replacement was organised (yet to appear). I was now doubting firecraft even more. Prior to the install I was informed by the company that they needed to speak with the manufacturers of the stove to see if it was permissible to fit a smaller (existing) liner to the larger outflow on the stove. I was informed that they had been given the all clear to do this. After the install I contacted the manufacturer of the stove myself and queried this, also providing photos of the old liner inserted into the larger outflow. Their response was quite a shock, it was a categorical no! Further more they also explained that from the images I provided they could see that the liner was not insulated and this was required as the stove I had installed also had a boiler jacket fitted. They also explained that any requests from an installer to deviate from the manufacturers recommendations are recorded by themselves and that they had no such copy of a request from Firecraft! I also queried if the stove had access within it to allow the flue to be swept, they informed me that it didn't and this stove required either a telescopic attachment or and inspection panel above the stove to facilitate this. My install had neither. thus far I had to press for lintels to be installed, had a defective surround, the install was not compliant with the manufacturers recommendations and there was no ability to access the flue for cleaning which is against regulations. Enough was enough, I went straight to HETAS as there were very clear safety issues with this stove install which luckily for Firecraft they hadn't signed off. Having provided HETAS with photographic evidence and a summary of my conversation with the manufacturer there response was DO NOT USE THE APPLIANCE! I then contacted Firecraft and I am not ashamed to say my language was colourful, they were playing with my safety after all! I informed them that all remedial work was to be carried out at their expense, to be fair, they agreed. They tried to install a new insulated liner in rather inclement weather but it snapped. They had also prior to this fitted and inspection panel to the flue, but not sealed it with the cover as they didn't have the screws! Today, due to the missing cover, I have had to remove 4 ravens from my living room which now has a significant covering of bird excrement. Thankfully I have not paid them the full amount for the install and still owe them 拢4000. Firecraft, if you can't be bothered installing something properly, then I can't be bothered paying for it.


4 years ago

Firecraft Chorley have fitted us with a stove type gas fire, which required some building work, liners etc, and also a couple of wooden mantelpieces. Their work was excellent, clean and tidy, and they took great care with our house. The builder who came to redesign the grate had some better ideas than we did which we incorporated into the final look. The products recommended fitted our needs exactly. And on the one occasion a minor alteration was needed to a mantelpiece, it was sorted out in 24 hours.
Getting a fire fitted is an expensive and potentially messy business, and we would recommend this company as one that can be trusted.

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