Firefighter ExamPrep

9 years ago

Great website and very easy to use. I am glad I stumbled across their website as they made studying to become an EMT super easy. Instead of studying every waking hour like I did from my first test, I was able to retain the needed material faster with their proven online system. I recommend anyone who is thinking about starting a career in the fire department to check them out first. A++ all the way!!


9 years ago saved me lots of time and spared me from frustrations of outdated study material. I have used their firefighter training books before, and although they are great, the real time feedback on their online practice exams is brilliant. You don't have to search all over for the answers and it instantly lets you know which areas/subjects you need to study more in. This way you spent time on the areas you need.

Because of their system, I passed my exam ahead of my class and nailed my first firefighter job interview and now have the job of my dreams.

All in all it is a great investment and anyone who is thinking about becoming a firefighter or advancing their career, should really check them out.

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