Firefly Support
6 years ago

I used a company called Titan ADSL for phone and broadband service for some years. They were bought up by Firefly. Recently my service started to get poor and the line had ping problems. Despite several calls and e-mails no progress was made. Indeed the last two e-mails were ignored.

In addition Fibre Broadband has become available in my area so I decided to move. I asked them for details regarding upgrading to fibre with them and received no response. I asked again using their web form and got a short positive response with a price which did not match the service offers on their web site. So I decided to try another provider.

I selected one with a very high reputation and the new provider asked me to get the MFP code for my line as there were two unbundled lines into my property and they did not want to get the wrong line.

On asking Firefly technical support I was first told that there is no such thing as a MPF code, and then that in any case the new provider does not need it and finally that any new provider asking for such information clearly do not know what they are talking about and that I have selected a poor company.
Several phone calls latter I was told that "god only knows" what the new provider is doing but Firefly would never ask for this information and would never need it. The new provider (and myself) clearly do not know what we are doing. Firefly then hung up on me. Twice. I rang back because I assumed I was just accidentally cut off. But no they really did hang up.
I would not recommend this company to anyone.

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