5 months ago

Firejacks- Stevenage leisure park Paige was absolutely fantastic service thank youuu


6 months ago

Firejacks Basildon leisure park=disgusting !!
We went for a meal when they first opened and everything was good as it should be.
The second time we went it was a disaster,food was cold,took ages.
Service was slow and uninterested.
We put it down to one of those days.

Just before lockdown we ordered on Uber eats,waited for our delivery only to find out over an hour later that our order had been cancelled as they shut the restaurant early!

We decided to give them another chance this Sunday,which was once again so disappointing!

Food was warm at a push,poorly packaged.
Items of order missing.
All in all a waste of 拢86 which is not acceptable.
I would advise anyone to swerve Firejacks Basildon as they clearly don鈥檛 care about the food or service anymore but still love to service charge you when they can鈥檛 get their restaurant in order!!
Disgusting 馃槨


2 years ago

I had my first meal at Firejacks in Stevenage on Saturday, and it was a great experience. The food was delicious, good value and in a great environment.

What really sets them apart (from other local restaurants) is their outstanding customer service. Our waitress (Rebecca) was extremely helpful and an absolute delight.

They've pushed Frankie & Bennie's off the top spot on my list!

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