3 years ago

I placed an order on 3 pair of air jordans. They came in different shipments. 2 arrived almost in a month and were clearly counterfeit . The other pair has not arrived and has been almost 2 months. Do not order from fire


4 years ago

Been over a month and still no shoes! Sent email after email, checked tracking number nothin! This is bs..never ever ever again!!


4 years ago

Had great service start to finish. Tracy was so helpful

thanks again


5 years ago

I phoned to enquire about ordering an electric fire suite it took me 3 attempts before someone actually answered the phone!! Then when asking about delivery charge for this item he didn't know and promised to phone me back but never did!! Obviously they can afford to treat customers this way and not to even answer the calls it shows to me this company can't be trusted !!! Be it on your own heads if you trust them!!!

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