Fireplace Stove-glass
1 year ago

The Good – the glass was well packaged and arrived intact.
The Bad – Didnt know I was ordering from France, company well disguised with UK in brackets.
Paid extra 拢5 for fast delivery but it still took 5 or 6 days to arrive since it was coming from France.
Paid extra for self cleaning glass, if anything it gets dirty quicker that the normal glass it replaced. There was a sticker on the glass saying 'outside home' no idea what that meant, did it mean that was the outside side of the glass and the other side had the coating? Unclear to me and I ended trying the glass both ways round but both sides got dirty the same.
Would not buy again from this company.


1 year ago

This company is as underhand as they come. My experience is the same as all the other reviews, but here it is for the record. First, they're a French company (Vitreflam) giving the impression that they're a UK one through their domain name. Nothing wrong with that in principle, except they tell you a price in GB Pounds but actually charge you in Euros, which funnily enough happens to be considerably more in their favour. Next, they specifically tell you to check the glass before accepting delivery (and if you don't, they'll wash their hands of their responsibility for the packaging and delivery that they use) but they then use a courier service that doesn't allow you to check the package before signing for it. (I fully appreciate that glass is fragile, but that doesn't mean that legally they can dump the risk on you). Next, they insist on charging extra to attempt re-delivery, despite the courier company emphatically telling me that they would not charge the seller for the first delivery due to the previous 'misunderstanding'. Finally, they then completely ignore any attempt to resolve the problem – they have your money and the glass, so hey why should they do anything more?! Fortunately, my bank took up the issue and I've now received a full refund – my huge thanks to Santander. If you don't see these reviews beforehand and instead fall into the trap of using this company, I'd suggest escalating with your bank might also work for you – because trying to reason with fireplacestoveglass probably won't get you anywhere.


2 years ago

This company does not answer emails and does not provide tracking numbers, you pay for express delivery which should be 24hrs but don't get it. I am still waiting 48hrs after placing order and 6 unanswered emails. I wish I had read the reviews first.
I will be visiting the French address as soon as I return to france to sort this mess out. How can anyone manage such a sham website. Very disappointed.
Now it's Monday after ordering on Wednesday evening and paying express delivery charge.
No glass
No answer to numerous subsequent emails
Non existant customer services
No phone number to contact
The only thing I know for definite is that I'm down Nearly 拢50


4 years ago

If you want a good quality product and some form of customer service avoid this company. They sent me a piece of stove glass that was clearly damaged in manufacturing and wouldn't answer any emails from either myself or paypal as to how they would correct the situation. The end result was me paying another 拢13 to send the glass back to them, a company who are based in France to receive the original 拢48 back from paypal that had been paid for the glass in the first place.


4 years ago

This company may be one of the cheapest but they are dire. They take your money via PayPal at a different price to that quoted – use excuses as to why they cannot send glass efficiently and when it eventually arrives, as it did, damaged, are completely disinterested to resolve the issue, though they have the audacity to offer a half price replacement. Do not buy off them unless you want hassle and like losing money – you have been warned.

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