4 years ago

I purchased a cast iron fireplace from the company, which was installed late last year. This was used for a matter of weeks before corrosion became apparent and the back plate started to buckle. I would not have purchased this fireplace if I had known that it would have been subject to such corrosion and I do not believe it to be of merchantable quality because of this inherent defect. After having only had coal fires for a matter of weeks, in this fireplace, that is the only conclusion that can be inferred.
After writing to the proprietor, he telephone me and stated that corrosion was to be expected and that backplates usually have to be replaced. He promised to contact me further about remedial action but has not done so, despite having been sent an e-mail reminder a fortnight ago.
The installer – a sub-contractor – wasn't keen to fit the CO monitor and I had to insist that he did so. He even asked me where I should fit it and I told him that he was the expert in where an appropriate place for fitting should be.
He fitted an air vent and I noticed a large crack near the hole that he had made for the air vent. No mention was made of rectifying this.
This fireplace wasn't cheap and I had expected that it would last for decades, not tens of weeks, clearly there is a problem with this fireplace; I had asked for a coal fire and I have one that isn't fit for that purpose.
I was told that the problem was possibly due to over-stoking – if this was an issue, it should have been made clear prior to purchase.
This has been a disappointing experience and it may well mean I shall have to contact my credit card company to get a refund under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.
I would expect a far better service than that received so far.

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