6 months ago

One of the few companies which really care about their clients.
I bought a lifetime prescription for their Mailwasher Pro software and needed to re-install it after an upgrade to my PC and they sent the new code for it. No problems just did as they promised.


5 years ago

Firetrust is headquartered in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Safety Reputation 0/29
Domain 1st Registered 2002-07-01 (13 years ago)
Server Location Flag (US) United States

Detection ratio: 0 / 63
Analysis date: 2015-07-07 23
IP address resolution :


9 years ago

I have used this site and found the contents useful and informative.


9 years ago

I've been a Firetrust customer for many years and have watched their refund policy in their forums. They do not hesitate to give a refund if a customer asks for one within a reasonable time and give it with no hassles. They also offer free trials of their products so you can tell if they will work for you or not before paying for them too.

Reading the other comments I see one by PHung about one section in their support forums that helps folks figure out if Chinese sites are legitimate or scams. Funny it is called racist when the intent is exactly the opposite, which is to help folks shop safely on Chinese sites. Since Firetrust is a New Zealand company they have a number of users and visitors that are interested in the topic.

Another by xu_ci that talks about firehound. While Firetrust did have a product called Sitehound a while back they aren't selling it any longer, at least on the site product list. When they were selling it they offered a no hassle, no questions money-back warranty on it as they do on their other products. So not liking the amount of space it used shouldn't be worth a bad rating for the whole site.


10 years ago

Can protect you against scam.


11 years ago

Very good.


12 years ago

While FireTrust does good work in improving internet security, they unfortunately describe scam websites as Chinese scam websites. Their intentions may be good, however at times they sound racist. It is true that there are many scam websites in China, but it is not the only country or ethnic group to have them.


12 years ago

I have used Mailwasher for 7 years it is a superb program well supported.


12 years ago

Firehound may be a great use, but takes up too much space on a web browser and to be honest compared to WOT or McAfee SiteAdvisor, it's too complicated and difficult to use

If anything I recommend WOT than Firehound.

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