3 months ago

So I contracted @firma_de to do my bookkeeping and tax declaration for 2018.
They subcontracted a company called TaxAndAuditExperts GmbH to perform the contract.

A question came up while doing the balance sheet, and suddenly, the folks from TaxAndAuditExperts went dark. Ghosted.
They did not pick up the phone. They did not reply to emails.

I told them several times that deadline for the tax submission was coming close, but they completely ignored all messages.
I had to call the guy who onboarded me at @firma_en to try to pick it up and get it solved.

They FAILED to submit the tax declaration in due time. I am now still receiving letters from the Finanzamt to pay for late fees.
I spent over 2 weeks on the phone, writing emails and yelling at people to have this done and protect my company.

Today was yet another issue that came up. I received an email from @firma_de about late fees AGAIN. The fees had to be paid before November 13. @firma_de only sent me the letter they received TODAY. That鈥檚 un-f****ing unacceptable and unprofessional.

I am writing this rant for anyone who plans to contract them: DO NOT. You will end up putting your company and personal liability on the line due to their inability to handle legal matters properly.

You will NOT save time nor cash: you will have to run after to get things done, and it will cost more simply because of the fuckups they will do along the way.
If you live in Germany, you know legal & taxes that is the one things you don鈥檛 screw with. So don鈥檛 contract @firma_de

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