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3 years ago

This site does not allow me to post photos of the carpet Fred sold me. You can go to and see for yourself what Fred will sell you for $5,000 and then call you names, threaten to see for telling others about the horrible treatment, and deny that there is even any problem or do everything possible to not even look at the mis matched carpet he sold me.

Update as of 10/10/2016. Today I received a threat from Fred, the owner of the company, regarding me posting a negative review on YELP. I have attached the portion of the letter threatening to sue me for posting my horrible experience with him and his company. As most everyone knows, our First Amendment guarantees us the right of freedom of speech and everything I have said in my review is 100% true, and my personal first hand experience. If Fred does go ahead with his threat I will post the case number and the outcome of the case. Not only did I pay Fred a lot of money, take many hours off of work, pay to stay in a hotel because the install took days, have him repeatedly deny there was any problem, then try and shift the blame to the manufacturer, he now has threatened to sue me for telling others about my terrible experience and defective carpet that cost almost $5,000. This is another example and personal experience of continued bad business practices that I have experienced with Fred and First Choice Carpet and Flooring.

I have also filed a complaint with the California Contractors State License Board. The Complaint number is SF 2016 4910 and I will post the outcome of that complaint process as well. They have a website and also can be reached by phone to verify this complaint.

Here is the original review that Fred is threatening to sue me:

I paid $5, 000 for Carpet for my small home with much of the space on main level ceramic tile. Fred came to my home, measured and pre-selected 3 that he would recommend for my home. The install took 2-3 full days and I stayed in a hotel while work was done. After I saw it, I noticed right away a mis match along the seam in a very visible section of the living room and upstairs as well. I contacted Fred, was told 1. It is a seam like on your clothes 2. If you close your blinds or when it is dark…you will not see it 3) I have the same Carpet in my home and I love it 4) No one else complains. Finally, after INSISTING that it was not right.. a rep from the carpet manufacturer was sent out. He said the dye lots of the pieces used were different. He spent 4 hours dyeing what was supposed to be brand new carpet; I had to take half day off of work for this. I was also told that it will most likely yellow as time goes by. Yesterday, I once again took off time from work to meet with Fred about the same problem. I heard all of the same things and Fred acted like I was being unreasonable. Many neighbors have made comments about how it looks bad..without me asking them. I have included pictures so you can decide for yourself. I wish I would have never replaced my old carpet. At this point, months of attempting to work with Fred, I don't want to endure this any longer. Yesterday, I sent an email to him requesting that since he loves the manufacturer, and they are the ones who said the dye lots were different, he ask them for a refund and he can refund my money and I will go elsewhere to get new carpet. The dye lot problem is upstairs as well and I have posted a picture of that as well. Fred, I am glad as you tell me "My customers love my carpet" however, that doesn't change the fact that I have new carpet that looks horrible. I then called and spoke with Jeff, a VP from Royalty Carpeting; the manufacturer of the carpet Fred sold me. Jeff told me, "Fred sold you the carpet. He is the one that needs to issue the refund". I am filing complaints with the BBB and other regulatory agencies sending them copies of the photos of the carpet that is clearly two different colors. The complaint Number with the BBB is 11699895. I am also sending a copy of the inspection that had to be done, and required me taking 4plus hours off work, that states the carpet is two different colors, and all texts/emails between Fred and myself as well as Royalty Carpet that have transpired since immediately installing the carpet and seeing that it was defective.

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