First Choice Emergency Room

Lake Vista Drive 2941 Lewisville 75067 United States
1 year ago

I will start this review by saying that the care I received was exceptional and very fast but I was massively overbilled for a three-hour emergency room visit. I went into the First Choice Emergency Room (FCER) because all of the urgent care clinics were closed for the day in my area. You could say First Choice Emergency Room was not my first choice but I thought I was seriously sick.

Turns out I just had a lymph node infection, I received a head and neck CT scan as well as an X-Ray at this location, they also gave me an IV of Ativan and a saline bag via IV. They attempted to bill me and my insurance $20,000 for a few simple tests and a very short ER visit, I was dumbfounded it's ridiculous to bill a patient so much for such a small amount of care.

This ER is part of the problem with this country, there's a crisis going and people cannot afford the care they need because of cases like the one I went through. I understand the hospitals have bills to pay but come on $20,000 for such a quick short visit, really?

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