First Choice Holidays
1 year ago

Booked 4 star all inclusive hotel only to learn from other hotel patrons it was being demolished few weeks after our stay, reviews read dirty rooms, limited staff who were disinterested etc Asked First Choice to let us cancel and refund or change to another hotel and pay more for the only one available. they refused and were rude and unhelpful


2 years ago

They didnt make us happy – our plane was diverted from Cancun to Merida Airport for safety reasons – completely support this! However from landing at Merida to getting to our hotel took 17 hours, despite it being a 4 hour drive away. The coaches were very late, the coach we had was ancient, it had no Speedometer, no Sat Nav, no seatbelts, no usable toilet and the driver was fighting the steering wheel all the time. That said, he managed to use his phone to text, make calls and at one point counted his money, all while still driving VERY slowly. As he had no directions, one of the passengers used his Google Maps to give the driver directions! We then arrived at our hotel complex after 12 hours and he didn't stop, and wouldn't turn round. The straw that broke the camels back was when at around 05:45 he took a wrong turn and was stopped by some security guards – they told him to reverse out and he knocked over a small palm tree – the security guards wanting him to pay for the damage and he wanted US to pay for it! That was enough for us (there were still 6 of us on the coach). We asked the Security Team to order taxis which cost us the equivalent of 拢24 (we were STILL 40KM from our hotel!) All reported to TUI Reps on site, told to claim when home, and TUI say transfers are undertaken by a 3rd party so are noting to do with them! We lost virtually a full day in the hotel but TUI dont care! What a shower!


2 years ago

Easy website to use for your holiday. Used them a few times now. Nice friendly staff if you need to phone.


7 years ago

A good UK based Q&A site with few if any trolls

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