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Elm Street 10 Hillside 60162 United States
9 months ago

Absolutely horrendous company and bunch of unprofessional unqualified installation team, how can put up a fence wrong way flippin round, absolutely diabolical, the posts are facing the inside and are clearly a massive danger, and they have not put any concrete into the ground for the posts, absolutely disgusting took 3500 for installation, representing British craftsmanship absolutely disgusting p


1 year ago

I went right to the very top – the MD Dave Kotecher and sent him the email below. He offerd me 拢20 and free delivery of my next order – as if I would ever consider placing another order……..

Sent: 07 November 2019 08:53
To: Customer Services
Subject: Complaint: First Fence Order 580370

I have been attempting to resolve my complaint with you for over two weeks

I most recently spoke to Nicola who asked me to email my complaint. This follows numerous calls and a written complaint via your Facebook page to Rory.

Here then is a copy of that complaint:

We have major construction work being carried out at our campsite close to where customers are staying. Recognising the impact both visually and in terms of safety that this would have on our customers I decided to purchase fencing to protect them.

Over 50 customers were due to arrive for the half-term break on Friday October 18th so I called a number of companies to get pricing and confirmation that they could meet my deadline of Friday October 18th.

I spoke to Haylee who assured me that if I paid 拢80 for Express delivery I would be guaranteed delivery for the Friday. I therefore placed an order on this basis on Tuesday October 15th that afternoon 鈥?see attached quotation that clearly states 3 working days delivery. I have to day that dealing with Haylee was an unnecessarily long and drawn out process 鈥?it took my wife around 20 minutes to make payment!

I was away on Friday and scheduled my site manager to accept delivery and erect the fencing that day.

Nothing arrived and nobody called us to apologise or explain. By the time I returned early evening it was too late to call you.

We were forced to hire some fencing locally, collect it ourselves and erect it in darkness.

I called your offices on the Monday asking for a Director to return my call and spoke to somebody who promised that I would have a call back that day. Nothing. On the Tuesday I spoke to Donna who assured me that she took my complaint very seriously and would investigate it immediately. Later that day Nicola emailed me asking me if I still wanted delivery. I said I would accept delivery on condition that the 拢80 delivery charge was fully refunded and that 拢100 compensation was paid on recognition of the cost and stress caused by the failure to deliver on time. I then followed this up with the email below.

I called again on the Thursday chasing a response and also on the Friday when I was told that the delivery was not guaranteed and that no refund of any kind would be forthcoming.

I decided to approach your organisation via your Facebook page on the Saturday morning and had a response from Rory who assured me he would take this up internally firs thing Monday. I had not reply Monday so chased him and eventually had a call from Nicola on Tuesday afternoon who having listed to my verbal compliant summary has asked me to send you this email.

I am astounded at the total lack of accountability shown by each person I have spoken to. All this takes is for someone to own it and take it the whoever has the authority to agree to my very fair request and the genuine desire to look after a new customer.

Please can you pass this email to whoever that is so that we can bring this matter to a close.


Julian Sayer


1 year ago

The company was poor from the start, giving delivery dates and then cancelling on three occasions, then on the date it was due to arrive on site nothing turned up! This is when the Many! many!! many!!! phone call started! I call to find out where the delivery was only to be told they had no notice of my delivery. Once they had traced the delivery it was going to be another weeks!!! to be delivered to site. I had Tarmac company, ground workers and electricans (gate entry system) on site to start with no materials!! This work was a school project had to be done within the school holidays (while school was closed!).
After multiple calls and the product finally arriving it turned up Damaged! Runs of spray paint (Same & different colours) and bubbled rust on every single post!! Agency driver wasn't bothered so had to once again call up and email photos of the poor quality to First Fence. I was told it was "out sourced sprayers" but no checks had been done prior to the delivery. I now had a school with no fence by a main road and the end of the school holidays!! First Fence couldn't careless attitude was soo bad!! I spoke with so many different people and even spoke with the director who said he will find out what`s happened and call me back (NO calls back from him ever received) It took another 8 days before i got the materials on site and I had to install temp fencing to keep 300 children away from a main road!! I can not stress enough just how bad this company was to deal with!!


1 year ago

Truly shocking customer experience in every possible way. Actually thats not true, they are excellent at quoting and taking your money. Its freefall from there on in. Shockingly bad communication, woefully late in delivery (I am in serious trouble in the job I used First Fence for) and the quality of the finish beggars belief it is so bad in certain items. I would whole heartedly advise people to steer well away from this company. Pay a little more and be happy!


1 year ago

Terrible. Metal railings have sharp points where I have cut myself. Ordered black powdered coated railings only to be supplied with nuts and bolts galvanised and not powder coated. Pricey delivery.


2 years ago

The worst ever!!!!!! They are completely unprofessional and have no idea what they are doing. AVOID!!!!! They took my money. Accessed area of my home without permission and just left because life is hard and people have expectations.


2 years ago

Absolutely shocking company. Promised me next day delivery to a remote field three times. Three days I had to wait at the site but despite promises, nothing arrived. Blatant lies.
Finally delivered a week later, sent the wrong posts. Organised another delivery and guess what, wrong posts again. The final straw is the fact that they have double debited my card and currently hold 拢1700 and despite several emails as requested, not a single reply. Had to waste my time explaining this to the bank in order to get the transaction reversed.

Do not order from this company, you will regret it!!!!


3 years ago

Six separate orders, each one late, nothing in stock, even late when you pay extra for premium turnaround. One didn't turn up at all and had to wait and chase and chase for refund and as far as their mesh gates, made of 2mm coke can material, posts aren't man enough to take the weight of the gate and I know, we had a structural engineer calculate. No one has ever once returned a phone call. Tin pot company!


3 years ago

Useless company, Placed an order for 拢1500 for 12 barriers to be special ordered from the manufacturer. We were promised a delivery on Friday 12 May, our customer had a deadline to meet. Received an email on Monday the 15th May saying, "sorry we are out of stock, we will let you know when this item is back in stock". Chased this morning to be told that the barriers were received but half were damaged so that half was returned to the manufacturer, we would have the balance delivered next day.

Our customer was informed they would have half the order next day. At 5:05PM we received a call explaining that all of the barriers have actually been returned to the manufacturer, and we cant have them because this "custom ordered" product has already been sold to another customer by said manufacturer (in the 4 hours between speaking)

Basically they will feed you a string of lies! Even went to the extreme of mentioning that a controlled explosion in Birmingham, damaged our goods, even though the panels were rejected by their managed this morning, at least 5 hours before the detonation!!


3 years ago

Contract agreement for 6'x7' cedar fencing at $1680. Paid 50% to seal contract with balance due upon completion. This down payment was processed through my bank but no contact from company for 4 weeks. After initiating contact, install was scheduled by a poorly paid nonwhyte installation manager who could neither speak "THE LANGUAGE" well or write and spell it correctly. Poor workmanship prevented the poorly paid, nonwhyte workers from final payment. Contacted presumably well-paid salesman on installation day with concerns who finally came to inspect two weeks later. Upon inspection, an itemized list of approx 20 corrections was prepared by salesman. Despite 2 separate scheduled follow-up dates, workmen never returned. 2 years later, I'm summoned to court. Dingy lawyer and dingy judge (presumably well-paid) ignored all correspondence proving that this dingy company had failed to complete the work as agreed. My final costs: $840 deposit, $250 to respond to summons, and $2500 to feed dingy lawyer's family, dingy company's charges, and dingy court's prescribed costs. Total paid out for a dingy, unfinished fence: $3590.00. What I learned? A person who attempts to represent himself in a dingy court with a dingy lawyer and dingy judge against a dingy company has a fool for a lawyer. BEWARE OF THIS CROOKED BUNCH OF DIRTY LAUNDRY!!!!

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