4 months ago

As per other reviews: Avoid this company.
I have not ever managed to speak to someone on the phone since my policy started, despite dozens of atempts over the last few weeks. Phone just rings for 30 mins then cuts off.
They keep emailing me requesting "documents" with out telling me what document they require. I phone several times to no avail, so I email instead. Finally get and answer and upload document X. a few days later i get another text saying they need "documents" same process again to find out what dopcument it is this time. Again, I get told to upload another document…. and so this goes on repeating itself.
if it wasnt for the expensive cancelation fees i would have walked away..


4 months ago

How compnaies like this are even allowed to operate amuses me.

I would have dreaded to have an incident while with them and thank God no longer with them.

I am writing this review as I just needed information regarding a claim on my van. Which was made last year by a third party. The holding times could go into the Guinness World Book of Records.

On first attepmt 1 Hour and a few minutes until my battery died. Rang up again and call just blanked out after 30 odd minutes.

As I write this, I am on the line again for the 3rd time. If it goes on for less than an HOUR, I would have to pinch myself as that would be BECAUSE I AM DREAMING.

I can't imagine if someone actually has an incident and needs to report it to them.





4 months ago

Terrible company to deal with.
No calls back as requested.
Over the odds cancelation fees.
Delays in paying refunds.
Take over half an hour to answer the phone even in quiet times.


4 months ago

Shambles Company!!! Absolute Thieves! As a loyalty bonus they will put your premium up and dont bother trying to call, after half an hour waiting time they will just hang up! avoid at all costs


7 months ago

Have a house insurance policy cover through First Underwriting. Had a loss due to a defective part on toilet caused by 3rd party installer. First Underwriting doing everything it can to wriggle out of the liability – despite the fact that recovery is against the 3rd party. Avoid at all cost


9 months ago

I purchased a van insurance yesterday for the 1st time.
& I found a good price on the online comparison website and I paid online end of the transaction website asked me to phone ASAP to activate my policy, I called them ( after 30 mints waiting time) I manage to talk to someone called 'Saiqa' and she asks me to confirm the detail & and verified my Driving license From DVLA. everything was alright and accurate.
and she asked me if I have any no claim bonus I said I have 2 years in my can but I'm not going to use in this van insurance so I put like a 0 NCB. & she said they can use the 2-year NCB as a mirror, so I can get more discount. so I said yes. after 30 mints on hold she came back to me nearly 拢200 extra on my policy I asked her if you are using 2yrs no claim bonus the premium must drop-down not to go up. but they said if I have any access to another car the system takes as 5-year NCB. so I should have 5 yrs NCB but I only have 2 years so they charged me 拢200 extra. At this point, they robbed my money so clearly this is robbing people.for no reason
'' How came to their system automatically take like 5 years NCB if I have access to another car'' ?????
she has no answer ..

I advise people to very carefully with this company.
and the managers know this but don't care


2 years ago

Well what can i say every other review on here is 100 bang on. With in 4 weeks they have asked for things I never thought possible. Threatened to cancel our policy twice and I'm surprised they ain't asked for my mother's grandfather's uncles cousins password for their ann summers account. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE THE WARNING IS REAL.


3 years ago

Shower of numpties, incompetence personified. Use another provider 100%


3 years ago

Absolute shambles of an insurance firm – these muppets are the working definition of paying peanuts and getting clowns (except clowns are sometimes funny). AVOID AT ALL COSTS, the low IQ staff are a nightmare and will drive you insane.


4 years ago

I took out insurance for the year, sold the car within the first month as my wife and I are divorcing, we have a terminally ill child and things just haven't worked out. I was told about the 拢60 fee for cancellation and 10% charge that First take if cancelled. Then you have the underwriters 1/12 fee. So I paid them 拢650 odd for the year and they are trying to give me back 拢330 after I insured the car for 16 (yes!!!! 16) days!
This company is the epitome of UK "Terms and Conditions" which were NOT EVER explained in that detail. I was told as I described above and they tried to put this one over us. I am waiting for their manager to call me, it better be good"
You have been warned!
Andy Cullens


5 years ago

Had nothing but problems from the beginning. They changed the price I was quoted for car insurance twice. Renewed the following year automatically without sending a letter informing me of such and then charged me to cancel my policy. Then 2 months later I check my bank to find they are still taking payments! The people on the phone couldn't answer as to why but long story short they said it was to cover the cancellation even though I paid that fee over the phone at the time of ending the policy. It seems with this company the old saying 'buy cheap but twice' is literal! Please avoid this company as I will in the future as they ended up costing hundreds more then initially quoted.

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