9 months ago

Really Bad HTML5 Engine. Poor Customer Service.

We pay the PRO service. and the HTML5 engine are acting weird the last week.
Editing thinks by the own, changing randomly stuff. totally unreliable page.
to make any page. Is cheap but you pay what you get.
We regret the pro that we pay. Even if was cheap.
Customer service are really poor as well.


1 year ago

They want 45 EURO for the domain you register with Flazio if you cancel. Most .com domains are in the 10 to 14 EURO range so I consider this to be very high, especially given their 'value for money' position in the market. You will also get a surprise requirement that you must give 30 days notice.

While Flazio does have interesting features like the survey tool, it has other issues – such as you cannot download the site. I'm also not sure if you can clone a template that you make onto new sites.

Support is unusually slow (about 24 hours) in an era where hosting companies tend to reply within 30 minutes or so to any tickets.

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