7 years ago

My name is Jennifer saltorino and I was searching
For a travel agency in the DC area I ran into an ad locatd in a retail
Store in DC it looked legit and did research online and saw no complains
And decided to call the phone # and spoke to an agent to helped me book
A package deal to NYC . It was the best deal online and everywhere I searched
I don't know how they do it but it was the best deal and a great vacation and customer service I experienced in a long time . I also received a personnel letter from there President of the company a gentleman named Vincent Ferrara thanking me for using Flbookit.com and offered me a 25% off discount on my next booking that was def a surprise .. I give this company 5 stars …I would tell anyone looking for a deal to book with them .


8 years ago

Hello my nname is Jennifer Randazzo from Dc

This company by far is one one of the best travel companies i ran into in a while i was in a retail store in Dc and there was a flyer and business cards attached
with 25% off your first booking i well i looked them up and did of course my research and checked out license s and there were all good and no complains at all no where and there based in Dc but anyway so i call the the Dc local number spoke to a young lady told her i wanted a vacation package to las vegas with flight and hotel for a great deal they provide the info i looked around for a day or two checked orbitz and every where else but flbookit.com kept on beating the other prices so i called and booked my vegas trip and already went 2 weeks ago stayed at the wynn and even won money lol ..the agents were great and i was 25 % off my next flight from dca to anywhere in the usa i was lucky because there agent said since i called during some promotion that i could get a personal call from there president Vincent i was like thats cool and different and was like ya right but 2 days after my trip he called this guy was on point and made my day great personality and funny to and seemed like a nice guy and asked me questions about the customer service and about the young lady who took the call and at the of the call thank me and gave me the option to receive a gift card to front page a great spot to eat in Dc or 25 % off the next trip .I took THE 25 % because i am def booking again thanks again flbookit.com

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