10 years ago

I contracted Fast Lane International to deliver a package from Ireland to UK, after 2 weeks the package had not been delivered so i contacted them. I spent 4 days trying to deal with the Imports Manager who for some reason ignored my emails asking for him to call me, or give me more information, instead he insisted on forwarding me emails which he had sent to another company asking about my package. Eventually last night after constant emails from me, i received a two line email from the manager saying, sorry package is lost please file a claim!! They couldn't even pick up the phone to apologise for losing my package, or tell me any other information, it is disgraceful behaviour.
What makes me laugh (and believe me you have to laugh) is the following quote from Fast Lane International's Mission statement, "Provide the best possible parcel delivery service to our private and commercial clients. We achieve this by doing everything properly and aim to excel at all areas of our business. Achieving anything less than excellence simply isn鈥檛 an option."
Nothing in the mission statement was reflected in dealing with my lost package!
Poor attitude and Poor communication.


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