6 days ago

I have been working on this website for the last three months. I have posted 8 successful referrals and 7 ads so far. And there have been 100 responses to that ad. But I have not received a single rupee for the last three months. They don't even have a contact number. There is only an email id and not a single response to it. Don't waste your time trusting this company.


2 months ago

It's not geniune it says you to refer 5 people's to activate your work but after even refering 5 refral there is no work on the site


2 months ago

Fleejobs is a total scam. They have free registration, but will ask you to give 5 referrals and assurance of Rs. 50/- per referral, but totally bogus. I had given 5 referrals, but in return no work at all or the referral amount. Friends, don't fell prey for these type of companies. The address of the company is mentioned as Pune, but they haven't mentioned any contact numbers, which gives proof of their fake company.

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