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2 years ago

This review is for the Croatian car rental company; Trustpilot's intended website is unclear.

I recently rented with Fleet and had a fabulous experience. Although I had read some odd reviews, I still opted to go with Fleet as they allow younger drivers. It was easy to book, good value and came with brilliant service. Our car was brand new, just as described and a great little runner. The staff were friendly and helpful at pick up and drop off.

A lot of people complain about car hire companies, but realistically you just have to be reasonable and use some common sense. Regardless of the company or the car, always take photos and cover your back. Otherwise it seems fair for them to assume that you caused damages. It's also worth noting that people only tend to leave reviews if they've had a bad experience, so the overall rating is probably a little biased.


2 years ago



Staff at Krakow are a disgrace


2 years ago

鈥猇ery disappointing car rental experience with Fleet at Zagreb airport, Croatia. Not the German model as booked, no pre-rental check, 鈥測ou take pictures when it is light鈥? but then post-rental a damage claim for an earlier scratch below rear passenger door.鈥?


2 years ago

We booked a Seat Alteca and were given a Suzuki Vitara (very inferior car), we were also charged 8.75 euros per day for the whole duration of our hire for crossing into Slovenia for 2 days (cost us an extra 60 euros). Staff unhelpful and don鈥檛 care.


2 years ago

Awful!!! Awful!!! Awful!!!
I cannot stress how terrible Fleet is – DO NOT USE them.
We got a brand new car from Dubrovnik airport – 3 days later the clutch failed. They left us waiting for 4 hours at the side of the road, and then seemed angry at us when they arrived. The lack of concern really shocked me. They claimed to have already looked for us, I don't know where they thought we had gone! There were no phone calls and many changes to their story.
They then immediately started telling us we had ruined the clutch – I have no idea how we could have done this or how they knew, again no concern. We were charged over 拢800 for this and blamed. There was no mechanic report – they gave me something that I did get translated, which was clearly not a report.
My father was charged for a smudge on the car!! Clearly they make money any way they can.
I complained to head office, was assured it was being taken seriously and still have not received a response.
A quick look at reviews shows our experience was not unique – our mistake was not looking at these before.
DO NOT be fooled by low prices and STAY AWAY FROM FLEET


2 years ago

wish I went through this topic prior to hiring the car from Fleet. I was looking for premium compact size car and while using 'Holiday Autos' website, only this dubious company returned results with 'Audi A3 or similar'. Since I am an existing Audi owner and was looking for a compact car, took the bait. As I went to collect the car @ Split Airport, the customer advisor told me all they can offer is a VW Passat Station wagon! when asking for a compact premium, she literally gave me a take or leave it option and was not willing to co-operate further. Since I was on a tight time schedule had to take the VW Passat station Wagon with reluctance.
4 days later when I went to drop the car at their Dubrovnik downtown office, they did their usual scrutiny as mentioned by the various contributors above and found a minor dent on the right side of the bonnet. The rest of the story is similar to what many contributors above. They force you to sign the paper for a ridiculous amount (4000Kuna in this case) for any minor damage (given the dent on the front bonnet, which can never be a driver's fault). Not to mention their unacceptable behavior in their scruffy little office. With sarcasm they were trying to assure me I can claim this money back from my credit card company or my car insurance provider!

yes, I did not opt for their insurance which may have saved me from this experience. But given their reputation(!) I don't feel even taking an insurance from them could have saved me from this hassle.

Previously I have used Enterprise, with far better experience from start to finish.

Don't be fooled by the results you may get from car comparison sites, stick with your regular Enterprise/SiXT/Hertz and save yourself from the hassle.


2 years ago

The other reviews are true: they look for any trick (a 1cm scratch on the bottom of a bumper or edge of a wheel) caused by normal road service, and meanwhile rent you a car with big dents, broken parts, etc. It's a scam. Spend the money on Hertz and avoid Fleet.


2 years ago

Emailed to ask about their bad feedback re' extra charges on return and was assured there wouldn't be any.
Surprise, surprise they tried to 'stiff' me with 136Euros extra for an extra driver, despite it being included in the original agreement and returning the car on a Bank Holiday even though neither extra charge was mentioned when booked with AutoEurope or on any literature. (Small print on page 5 about only being free between Nov-Jan; ironically when there's no season!) They hide charges where you won't see them then hit you with them on return.
They did however remove the charges but only when I flatly refused to pay them!
Shame really it was a decent car at a good price. but they seem determined to clutch defeat from the jaws of victory!


2 years ago

We booked with Fleet and collected a car from the port in Dubrovnik. The guy we dealt with was friendly and professional but strangely and unusually thorough in his inspection of the car. We had the car for 6 uneventful days and returned it to Split airport. The guy there walked around the car taking no notice of the inspection sheet completed at the start. He then bent down and felt underneath the front bumper and pointed out a tiny scratch that he said we had caused. He went straight to this scratch and obviously knew exactly where it was. We pointed out that the underneath of the car had not been inspected at the beginning of the rental period and that we had never been anywhere that could have caused damage. His immediate response was to say that as we had insurance, we could claim back the costs. This is a scam. By using our phone as torch and camera we could see a scratch that was obviously old. I advise you not to use Fleet and will ask Carrentals.co.uk to remove them from their website.


2 years ago

Very poor car rental company and bad experience at Zagreb Airport recently. Rude and arrogant staff on pick up desk. Waited in line for 1 and a half hours to pick up a car along with others who were dropping off their cars and had onward flights to catch. No apology offered. Initially refused to hire us a car even though we had paid for it in advance through Auto Europe (who we used before many times with no problems and under same credit card and driver arrangements) as credit card was in my name and not in my husbands. Afterwards he told us he could hire us a car if he wanted to!! but he didn't really feel like it…Very sarcastic remarks and poor behaviour.
Eventually were given a car. It hadn't been cleaned..a minor thing as we are not fussy in that regard..no screen wash in container and wind screen/front of car covered in encrusted insects from previous rentals.
AVOID AT ALL COSTS…check if booking through a broker that they don't use this car company..it was not especially cheaper than any of the others offered at the time of booking.


2 years ago

I will update this review one I return the car. Hopefully I will not have issues. They take 850 euro as deposit which is in the contract but I am concerned because I received an email from my bank that I am over the limit which is odd. I rented mine at Pula, Croatia. Late at night inspection with a mobile. Seemed a stupid way to check and I had to highlight the scratches. Surely they have this on file and should have this in their records on the system so I found this system odd. They should be telling my the damage rather than us both looking like they have never done this before. Two dents were also not detected by me afterwards and I am sure they will say I did it. We will see.

One thing to be aware of when renting from Pula, or Croatia in general I suspect. The tank is never full and it states in the contract it should be. I also noticed Fleet put 8 when the tank was 6. I think this is common in Croatia as it happened to me before when I rented a moped in Rabaz, Croatia. The staff were using bike to to get to work and then expect tourists to pay for a full tank. Be aware and complain! Petrol is expensive in Croatia, so I think this thieving of petrol is quite common. One reason why the tank is never full is they like to catch you out. 70 Euro fine if you return the car with less petrol. This is why the tank is never full. They know this and this is how they get cars back with more petrol. We aren't stupid Fleet. This is enough reason for me to not use Fleet again and I travel to Croatia every year. If they put 8 I need to return the car with 8 which is not easy so you always go over. If it's full, your covered. The best scam for rentals.

I am expecting issues when I return the car but we will see. Lot of complaints about Fleet. I think I made a mistake. If they charge me extra for fuel or anything I am going to lose it as I have read Fleet reviews already online and not impressed. I made a mistake and the petrol scam already annoys me because they expect tourists to fill their tanks or come back with a fuel level highe than when you rented the car. For this alone, I will never use them again.

Update pending on 23 Sept. three starts do far


2 years ago

More than 1 hour line to pick up the car, they try to upsell everything they can, hidden charges. Avoid!


2 years ago

Unfortunately, this seems to be the same old story. We rented from Fleet and had no issues until we returned the car. They spent about 15 to 20 minutes inspecting it – more time than when we checked out the car. The attendant asked about every scratch even going so far as to say that there was one that didn't quite match up to the one marked on the diagram. This is when we knew that something was up. He seemed to let that one go, but only because he found his eureka moment – apparently there was a dent in the front fender. They made a big deal at the counter about not charging us for the extra time – we were an hour late. I found out later on my credit card statement that we had indeed been charged for the extra time. When I called customer service about this, they told me that I was not charged for the damages even though it was showing up on my credit card statement. The representative started to get angry with me and told me to send them an email with my complaint, which I did and have not heard back. I am asking rentalcar.com – whom I had a great experience with – to remove them as an option. Fleet is not meant to be in a business serving customers – it has been my experience that they are only trying to take advantage.


2 years ago

I can only add to the dire reviews already written on here. PLEASE do not use this company. We hired a car at Zadar airport in Croatia where a check was done on the car. I was particularly carful on this check as i have been stung before by hire companies. On return of the car they went over it with fine tooth comb and found a scratch on an already damaged bumper. This scratch was marked on the check out sheet but as it didn't correspond exactly to where the mark was they tried charging me 350 euros. After a very long "discussion" they got out the previous check out report and found the same scratch on the previous hirers report. After 40mins of arguing they finally agreed the scratch was there already. This company are complete con artists.


2 years ago

Please never use this company, best advice I can give having rented cars for over 20 years this company is one to avoid. They appear good value, but my experience was poor, and reading other reviews very common. Rented via Ryanair so did not check reviews up front, but to make their money you will get a car size down (Golf size booked, Polo given), then they fabricated damage at the end to recuperate cash back making it more than the reputable companies that you won鈥檛 have these experiences with. Suspect they have a commission based process, so the staff will miss a couple of marks on the pre check, but find on the post. Awful, never had anything like this before, but seems frequent.


2 years ago

Hi all,
As I couldn't find complaints and customer service contact e-mail on your web page I had to resort to writing an e-mail.
My booking through rentalcars.com was for a Peugeot 2008 (or similar) and I got VW Golf Diesel. Even on your web site (and most of other car renting companies) they are not on same class SUV vs Medium Car.
Car that I got was very very scruffy, to say the least.
On the outside:
it was dirty, with a massive dent at the front, numerous scratches around the body (see some of the pictures attached, as taking pictures of all dents was impossible). I expected it to have had at least a quick wash, which, I can assure you it didn鈥檛.
On the inside: it was even worst. It was very dirty. It had a Thick layer of dust everywhere. A spillage on the top of the dashboard and stains on all of the seats. These stains could鈥檝e been from everything but they did resemble on the human urine (again see attached pictures).
Of course, because of technology, I cannot as yet attach the smell of the inside of the car. It was disgusting.
I was pressed for time and so didn鈥檛 have time to wait for another 鈥減roper鈥?car as I was due so had to set off with what I was given.
As soon as I set off, the sign 鈥淚nspection due now鈥?lit on the dashboard. I am no car specialist, but I believe that this was not good and drove throughout my 13 days with the fear that I will be left somewhere.
Few days later a tyre pressure light was on and could not be switched off even after trying different pressures on all tyres multiple times.
This 鈥渁dventure鈥?did not end with this.
I have also paid for green insurance card and fleet have not provided up to date one. A female employ at the Zadar Airport checkout office was more concerned about selling me extra insurance cover that I didn't really need as I already had insurance with Rentalcars.com then double checking that it had correct documentation.
So we got turned back at one of the border crossings. We had to ask fleet to fax us an up to date green card. Faxed insurance card, in turn, posed extra questions and extra delays from border control officers each time.
On return an employee had a common sense to give me discount on my 鈥済reen insurance card鈥?(quote sings here, because I never had the real one), but overall this was terrible experience. This discount however, does not go anywhere near enough troubles caused by Fleet鈥檚 bad service.
I have rented before from Fleet, and other companies in Croatia, UK, EU, US and other countries in the region of Balkans, but this was by far my worst experience.
Yes, I do expect some form of compensation from you and have raised this issue with rentalcars.com. I will also post this into trustpilot and various review and social media sites, if that means anything to you.
Needless to say that I will not be Fleet customer ever again, if that means anything to you (number 2).


2 years ago


We hired a car from Fleet Car Rental via our Travel Agent at Zagreb airport. The car was filthy inside and out when they eventually found it and presented it to us, and as we later found out had only just been returned 13 minutes earlier. When we asked if there was an alternative car we were advised this was the only one available and with a not caring shrug of the shoulder we were told we could take it or leave it as we had already paid for the hire. We did a joint inspection as we have done many times with previous reputable hire companies and all appeared OK. We drove the car to Plitvice Lakes and it was just left in our hotel car park for the next two days whilst we did the magnificent lake and waterfall walks. We then drove back to Zagreb airport. Upon return a young and over zealous young Fleet representative proceeded to inspect the car with a fine tooth comb obviously looking for a fault ( they probably work on a commission basis ). When dismayed that nothing could be found he proceeded to open the doors and triumphantly pointed to a hardly noticeable 1 inch long scratch on the inside edge of the drivers door. Something that could not be seen unless the door was opened, and advised the scratch was not listed when we picked the car up. Upon presentation to his minion Supervisor we were presented with a 600 Kunar invoice that had to be paid in cash for the repairs of the scratch. We of course protested our innocence as we could not have made the scratch but they were not in the slightest interested and advised that as they had the imprint of our credit card the cost would be nearer to 6000 ! Kunar as per the imprint credit card deposit if we did not pay cash. It was made clear that we had no choice but to pay the demanded cash cost. I would bet that the scratch has never been repaired and that it still continues to be used to rip off other unsuspecting tourist hirers.

Either the on site staff are on a big rort or the senior management are giving directions to their staff as how to maximize profits. Unfortunately we now realise that our experience is a repeat of the numerous other apparently similar posts regarding Fleet Car Rental.

REPEAT do not use Fleet Car Rental unless you want to be fleeced


2 years ago

Fleet should be renamed 'Fleece' as they are scam artists based on my recent car rental in Dubrovnik, which we booked through Auto Europe. I returned the car in exactly the same condition as I had received it. There were no incidents or accidents and no damage whatsoever to the car. At the time we took the car, when the Fleet agent was checking and making notes of any existing marks or damage, I pointed out one spot where there was a smudge. He confirmed that it was not a scratch and said that it did not need to be recorded. Therefore I was absolutely shocked when upon return of the car the agent identified two small smudges, which he confirmed were not scratches or damage to the vehicle, but he recorded them as reasons the car would need a polish. The charge for this was Euro 80.82 as well as the Euro 64.40 'damage handling fee.' I found this absolutely ludicrous and repeatedly requested the agent not to make these charges. I removed one of the smudges with my handkerchief and spit! I asked the agent to take the photo again, but he did not comply with my request and insisted that the charges were legitimate. I have rented many different cars in various countries and from various companies, but never have I been charged for polishing a car because of smudges. Also in the original booking it is stated that there would be a charge of Euro 8.75 per day for a cross border fee. This was confirmed by Fleet when we took the car, and they said they would take the payment when we returned the car. We made a trip to Montenegro for one day of our seven days in Croatia. I was therefore very surprised when Fleet charged Euro 61.25 for each of the seven days of the hire rather than Euro 8.75 for one day. It clearly states in the booking that the cross border fee is Euro 8.75 per day. At no point was it indicated that we would have to pay for every day of the rental period. Because of the two smudges and the overcharge for one day across the border, I paid an additional Euro 116.90. For that amount I could have rented a much larger car from a reputable company! I will certainly remember this in the future. I should also mention that the Fleet staff were extremely cavalier and rude. When we first collected the car there was a long queue and it took a long time to get the car. This was due to having too few staff to handle the volume of customers. However the staff were generally friendly and chatty and made the experience as positive as possible under the circumstances. However, when we returned the car, they showed a completely different attitude. Again being understaffed they took a very long time to check the car back in and to get the forms filled in. When I complained to the person about the excessive charges he simply ignored everything I said. I had to authorise the payments because they had already blocked my credit card. I had booked another car for my daughter at the same time (in her name) as I booked mine. Her car had a serious mechanical failure for which she was immediately blamed (when the staff finally reached her on the roadside four hours after it was first reported) and she was charged for the repair of the car. They were extremely rude to her and never apologised for her inconvenience or for the discomfort of the other passengers (including her 18 month old infant).


2 years ago

Awful just awful.
Car was so scratched and dented that the initial check lasted 30 minutes in the dark. The guys mobile phone battery torch even ran out. Had a problem with a tyre straight away but as it was late and dark and I have a young family we continued to our destination. It took me 3 days and numerous calls plus trips to a tyre garage to resolve. Was I thanked upon the car return? No just charged 75 euros for a dusty car!! They were difficult to deal with and basically it's a scam. People behind me in the queue had same issue. I wish I had seen this site before booking. We booked this via Ryanair site so will also take this complaint via them but unsure where else to take it as this company need challenging. Any ideas?


2 years ago

Stay away from Fleet Car rental at Pula Airport. We came down Saturday 14th July at the airport late in the evening.
There we were given a different car size than the one we had ordered. We should have had a Fiat Doblo with big luggage space – or similar. The seats should be 3 separate so that all the children (3 pcs) would have a good place for a trip during the holiday. We instead got a Peugeot 3008 – where we did not get all our luggage – only 2 big suitcases. This is not a similar car.

Thank good that the family we drove with had rented a Ford Transit from Avis, so we had to stack the remaining 3 suitcases + hand luggage into this car. Fleet took 10,000, – kn in deposit – we were offered a loose GPS which we understood was part of this deposit, which we would receive on delivery.

Was asked not to attach the loose GPS on the screen in the car we were given, as this would loosen the screen. But it turned out that there was a GPS in the car – we did not use the solution we were given. When we returned the car (18:30, 28 July 2018) – they now require almost 600 kn for renting the loose GPS that we did not need initially. They would not listen to us, were very rude. We tried to speak them reasonably, but my husband finally lost patience and went. I asked them to contact the police, we felt cheated. I tried to talk to both representatives at Fleet, as well as the police. They spoke together in Croatian, and I was retired as soon as I tried to say something. My patience ended when the representative from Fleet started screaming at me. Then I chose to go. Never recommend Fleet / Holidaycars to anyone, this is the worst customer treatment I've ever had. A little agility since we had to deal with a car that was too small.


2 years ago

Be careful, Fleet is not a company to trust, we rented a car for a week in Dubrovnik, and we had NO problems when driving, only on good roads conditions. However, when we gave the car all clean, same when we took it, they charged us +170鈧?extra for little little scratch (1cm size) on a wheel protection, it wasnt from us, it couldnt, but they did not write it when we took the car apparently because they only checked the main body of the car, i was with them…
Dont trust the company, they are thieft !! I tried to be nice and explain but the guy didnt want to hear me and trust me.
There is many other rental car companies but dont go to FLEET !


2 years ago

In short, skip this rental company. Their staffs are dodgy as hell.

If you are interested, here is the brief story.
We picked up our car from Pula airport and return it at Split airport in Croatia.
I have never met such terrible human being in my life.

When we were there to return our car.
there were 2 staffs, a male and a female. That female staff had some attitude issue, she just served us with nothing but contempt.
She needed the confirmation code otherwise they wont be able to charge the bill on the deposit we paid at the Pula station.
So we said that we didnt get any confirmation code we only have a receipt.
She was like that was not a receipt, that was a confirmation code.
Then we asked why didnt your staff told us we need to keep that "confirmation code"? Shouldn't it be on the system anyway? Can you call them and find out for us?

I have been with 3 other rental companies before: sixt – pefect, europcar – perfect, goldcar – perfect,
and none of them needs us to keep any number so we can confirm that we already paid them.

So she made the call and said no one is available for at least an hour (Yes. She somehow knows the schedule of the other station that apparently has no connection with her station) and we need to pay with our credit card again.
So I made the call myself, and someone answered the phone like immediately and said that they will call me back in 10mins with our confirmation code.
Meanwhile, we were looking for that "confirmation code". Luckily, we always keep our receipts and got it eventually.
But then she was like: "It doesn't matter now. I have charged your card already."
I was furious, what was the point of all those calls trying to get that confirmation code when she just charged our credit without our approval. So I demanded that she had to cancel that transaction since you didnt get our approval beforehand and it was illegal.
Of course, she had no choice but to void that transaction.

This is where things got out of hand, my brother came over to the counter with his phone in his hand and just to see why it takes so long.
The male staff just jumped up from his seat and shouted: "Did you just take a picture of us?! I am calling the police!"
I was thinking to myself, I have never seen a bigger loser than this one. Talking about trying to get even.
He was like I am done with you guys. You guys can go but he (my brother) has to stay.
As he was saying that while closing the gate, my girlfriend spotted that they still have our credit card (and it was under the pile of their documents) and instantly she held up the gate and they realised that they have failed with their "plan". She quickly threw our card back out on the table. At that point, they have tried and failed to pull something shifty twice. Without a second thought, we just shouted police and get the authorities to get involved. Why not? They did already. At the end, we had the airport security to sort it out for us.
And guess who didnt show up? The police. Surprise surprise. What a stupid bluff.

Not only they lied thru their teeth, they also knew that Pula staff will return call with our code and for some reasons, she had to charge us again. Something very shady about the staffs at that station. I will never rent from them again and I suggest everyone should do the same.


2 years ago

We were picked up 20 mins late from Split Station for transfer to their base a couple of miles away. They then tried charging me to print out the receipt which I had been told by Holiday Autos that I could show on my phone. They reluctantly agreed if I e-mailed it to them. They then tried to sell me their damage waiver insurance, saying that the one i had already bought for much less was no good. I refused. I handed my card over for the 850 Euro pre-auth and was told it was declined, probably because I didn鈥檛 have enough credit but that the solution would be for me to buy their 99 Euro insurance as then they wouldn鈥檛 need the pre-auth. I was sure I had plenty of credit and checked my account online to confirm that was the case. My other cards were in Apple Pay but they don鈥檛 accept payment in that way. I asked to pay with my debit card but he said no. My friend offered to try using his card but they said that he would then need to sign up to the contract to do this, which would come at huge cost. I asked him to try my card again, showing that I had plenty of credit. He quickly swiped it and said it had been declined again, giving me a receipt which confirmed this. I was determined not to be forced to buy their insurance so I called my bank back in the UK. They told me that the transaction should have gone through but it was showing on their system as not being a proper transaction. They said that I should have been asked to enter my PIN, which I hadn鈥檛 been. I challenged the Fleet guy and asked him to put in the chip reader properly. I entered my PIN and, surprise surprise, it then went through fine. I later looked this issue online and found that it is a common scam in the car hire industry to force you to buy their insurance, so please watch out for it. On a positive note I was dreading dropping off the car at Split Airport having read the problems other have had with spurious damage. This went fine without any problems (we had taken dozens of photos at the collection to cover ourselves but thankfully they weren鈥檛 required).


2 years ago

When we arrived we were told we were getting a Skoda Octavia which was actually an 鈥渦pgrade鈥?on the Fabia originally booked. The car was brought along by the guy, who quickly went over the previous damage- of which there was lots, scratches and bumps all over. He then proceeded to tell us 鈥渢he car smells a wee bit, but I don鈥檛 know what it is, you just put windows down and drive鈥?

His response to a car that STANK and was actually hard to bare was to drive with the windows down. Not to mention the fact that the car was dirty and all the mats still wet. We were informed there was 鈥渘othing else available鈥?

Not wanting to cause a scene we took the car. However on return to the airport a week later, a different guy went over the car. He picked up on damage on the bottom of the front bumper was was a tiny dent or bump (previous damage) and started asking about it. On the bump sheet there was a mark just above this for a dent however he went on to say that this was for rock chips on the car- totally unbelievable and that we would be charged for damage as this was 鈥渁 big problem鈥?

After a lot of arguing with the guy and woman at the desk we only had 40 minutes before our flight so grudgingly had to pay the 拢155 (roughly) damage just to make sure we got our flight. I will be escalating this to fleet customer service but by looking at reviews I can鈥檛 see this going well.



3 years ago

Worst car rental experience in my life!!

The rental car would be returned in perfect condition. During the rental period, no damage to the car occurred (witness my wife).
On the return day, the vehicle key was delivered properly and punctually at the counter of Fleet Rent a Car in the check-in area of 鈥嬧€婼plit airport. The Fleet employee scuttled off with the key and came back with the information to the counter, the car had a scratch in my rental period received. I denied this, and then I demanded that the scratch be shown. However, the car had already been driven away by a second Fleet employee. Of course, I requested that the car be brought back. The retrieval of the vehicle took noticeably long.
When the car was finally brought back, my wife and I were shown by a third Fleet employee the said scratches. It is a tiny scratch (length 0.8 cm, see photos) at the bottom of the front spoiler lip.

This scratch was created after the return of the vehicle key – not by me.

Particularly noticeable is the reaction of both employees of the Fleet Rent a Car (person complaining about the scratches and the person who showed the car to my wife and me). Knowing that I had a fully comprehensive insurance with a third company (Auto Europe) for this vehicle rental, I was told "it was not a problem, I have to reclaim the money so only from the insurance company."
It should also be noted that cross-industry (I have personally inquired at Europcar, Hertz and Avis) first scratches are used for regulation, which are longer than 2 cm. In my case it is a scratch with a length of 0.8 cm.
This behavior of some landlords does not seem to be unknown. Shortly after the return press also dealt with these black sheep in this industry (for example, Welt.de: "The Tricks of the car rental companies in the rental car return." By Harald Czycholl, published on April 23, 2017.)

My wife and I came through the well-known staged back-and-forth and tactics of the Fleet employees in a big time bredouille, as the Lufthansa flight would soon start with boarding. So we have no choice, my deposited as security Consors VISA Card with the above two amounts charged.

The amount which was charged is EUR 125.

After the complaint from home, I was told by the Fleet head office, it was all done correctly.

It was also claimed that the complete bumper had to be repainted. That's a lie. I have the photos that clearly show that the scratch is only 0.8 cm long.

This fim is highly corrupt and a shame for the entire rental car industry.

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