Fleet Safety

2 years ago

I ordered a Havis console through Fleet Safety several months ago to go into a department vehicle. The lead time was specified as 2-4 weeks, as the consoles must be built by the manufacturer (Havis) before being shipped to FS, and then to the customer.

I received my order confirmation as normal and proceeded to check my order status online every couple days 2 weeks after placing the order. I continued checking for 3 more weeks and always saw the same "On order with manufacturer" status. At this point, I was 5 weeks into the order and called FS. On this phone call, I was informed the console was completed and would ship from Havis on Friday (2 days later), and would ship to me the next week.

The next week, no shipment and online order status still stated "On order w/ manufacturer". I called again and spoke to another person. Conveniently, he stated I would have to speak with the sales staff member who placed my order as he didn't have access to the Havis order information. He stated he would have the person call me first thing Monday.

Tuesday came and still no call. I called FS back. Spoke to a different person who checked into my order and called back stating there was an issue with my order where it had "Fallen through the cracks" on their end. He stated he would put the order through and have it expedited.

I called back the next day and asked for a manager. I spoke to Diane Rose, who apologized repeatedly and stated it was a "comedy of errors" on both their part and Havis' part. She stated the definitive ship date would now be a month away… 2-4 weeks has now turned into a 10 week build time.

Diane asked if I would like to refund or keep my order. She said she would see what incentives/discounts she could offer to keep my business and that she would email me the next day. I never received an email, so I called back the following Monday and spoke to her again. After stating she was waiting for the "higher ups" to follow up on the discount, I stated I would cancel and take my business to another company.

If your order is important, you're taking a risk by placing it with Fleet Safety. My department and I will not be going back to FS for any future orders. I recommend StrobesNMore as they sale the same items and you can trust your order will be taken care of. The extra few dollars is worth the decent customer service.

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