8 months ago

I spent 3 weeks going back and forth with them explaining and giving proof how we were doubled billed for services. It's ironic how they tell you that you have a dedicated account manager when you sign up and as soon as there is an issue you can't reach them. I really wish I didn't take a chance on this company for my company as we were needing a card that offered a little more. Small businesses don't have the capital to shrug off being doubled billed for items. After having a bad experience with one of their service providers (damaged our one of the fleet vehicles), we noticed on our reports the autoshop changed (updated) the services we received, but put it on two different days which in return caused us to be doubled billed. This has been a nightmare. Supposedly, our issue was escalated after we didn't receive a response from emailing them. Then it was escalated again only for us to call back a week later to find out it was escalated to the wrong dept. Meanwhile, we received an email (summing up) how they don't see where we have been doubled billed and the bill we see now is because we didn't pay our last bill. (Are you kidding me) We went from a bi-weekly cycle to a monthly cycle and that billing is still incorrect even though we have proof that our billing cycle has changed AND we did not miss a payment between the switch. However, that is neither here nor there. We were sent a generic "how did we do?" survey after a phone call and we explained the situation and why they scored so poorly. We opted to get a follow-up phone call, never happened just emails that clearly showed they do not care or want to investigate our issue. Now we are receiving constant emails saying we are 'late' on an amount THEY got doubled billed for by the autoshop and then billed us. This is ridiculous. Till this moment we are still waiting for a resolution from the financial dept, if that's where this escalation actually ended up at this time. Going on a month now (covid-19 shouldn't be the reason for this terrible service and resolution time). Please stay away!


11 months ago

This company treats its employees like cattle. They promised those that had the capability to be able to work from home if there was more than 10 cases of COVID 19. Well there is now over 2 dozen cases in MN alone. There is over 4K cases in the US. Still they keep holding off. They've allowed upper management to work from home, but not the supervisors or teams. Though we have the ability to do so. We are located in a huge office building that has other companies involved. We're an international company and are only a few minutes away from the international airport. Yet they will not allow us to work from. They're not taking this outbreak seriously enough.


2 years ago

BEWARE!!! This company is Fraudulent and Dishonest. DO NOT SIGNUP for one of their Credit Cards such as BuilderPro, FuelMan, etc.
I had a BuilderPro Master Card (FleetCor Technologies, LLC) Compromised. The card was used in person in Raleigh, NC minutes later it was illegidy used (Authorized) in person in California. BuilderPro Contacted me and I immediately identified it as fraudulent and asked to have the card shut down. They subsequently allowed (authorized) three more transactions. I completed the dispute process the same day, before the fraudulent transactions were processed (batched). I contacted the merchants and verified they were NOT paid for the transactions. BuilderPro (FleetCor Technologies, LLC) is sending me a bill for the fraudulent transactions. Due to FleetCor Technologies, LLC fraudulent practices I cancelled the credit card, which we averaged $30K-$50K per month on. I have ALL the documentation and emails to prove my statement/s. The Attorney General and MasterCard needs to shut this company down

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