5 months ago

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I am not sure how this company can even legally operate. On two separate occasions and out of no where they have put us into a level 2 pricing without reason or notification. When they have done this they are charging anywhere from 5$-12$ more that the purchase price at the pump. THEY LITERALLY CHARGE YOU MORE FOR GAS THAN GAS STATIONS. The invoicing and reconciliation's for this account has been nothing but a battle of pricing and confusion. There are much better companies…DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, SAVE YOURSELF A HEADACHE!


6 months ago

They deserve 0 starts!! My company had been a customer of Fleetcor for more than 3 years spending about $7000 per month. Never pay our bill late even once. June of 2020 we received our bill and sent in payment as usual on June 3, 2020. On June 14th I received an email that our payment was late. I logged on the 14th and paid the bill online. When we received our June bill on July 1, it shows that they received our original check on June 18th and the payment I made online on June 14th. They applied both payments. No problem right. To our shock, they charged us a late fee of $1024. Yes $1024 on balance of around $3000. Keep in mind the late payment which was a check was send on June 3 in the middle of a pandemic. You'd think they would give a longtime customer a break. NOOOO! So we called and spent hours on the phone( yes hours), talking to different level employees and no one was willing to budge on the late fee. So we asked how the late fee was determined. This is a good one! the late fee was 25% of the late balance and 25% of the next balance which we hadn't even had a chance to pay. How this is even legal? I don't know. We were promised a call back. That was early July. It's now August 5th and no one has called us back. Oh wait there is more! When we receive our July bill we noticed in small print that we were now considered a " high risk" customer, and a 21 cents per gallon fee was applied to our bill. How we went from a 3 year good paying customer to a high risk customer is beyond me. One late payment during a pandemic made us a high risk customer?! Not to mention that we paid the late payment twice. In my 35 years of being in business, I had never experienced such abusive fraudulent billing practices. Needless to say we're changing fuel cards. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE THIEVES!


7 months ago

worst card ever, please STAY AWAY

1)they took fraud protection fees, my card was hacked twice, i locked the card and call them to stop the fraud NOTHING HAPPENED, they told me the transaction should be posted first then we will investigate, then charged me with the amount stolen !!!!!!!
both times!!!
they told we don't see a fraud, keeping telling them im in another city how come someone is using my card!! no action and i had to pay them

2) a lot of Unrealistics Hidden fees

3) you won't understand anything from their bills

4) the transactions fees are enormous

5) the fuel price is higher than the cash one , no reductions or discounts

6) pilot and Love's became out of their network.. they charge you 25 dollars when you fuel with them



8 months ago

Fleetcor is a double edge sword. When our business was shut down due to Covid-19, which was ordered by the government, not our choice, we immediately contacted all of our creditors. Fleetcor was the lone hold out saying that they had nothing that they could offer as far as relief or payment options to help with the immediate shut down of our company's our cash flow. We did ultimately work out an agreement with Fleetcor to make payments and have them paid in full with any interest in just over six months. The day we were supposed to make our first payment, Fleetcor reneged on their end of the agreement and we received a letter from a debt collector demanding over twice the amount of the debt we owed Fleetcor. When confronted, the lady at Fleetcor said that there was absolutely nothing she would or could do and told me to stop calling because they no longer owned the account. Talk about bad faith! Over lunch, I was talking to a friend of mine who also has Fleetcor at his business and he told me that they actually did me a favor because the minute he gave them his bank information, they didn't simply take the first payment. They raided his account entirely leaving him to pull cash he'd been keeping in reserves to maintain his payroll and insurance until his operations were once again back to a manageable level and closing the checking account he gave Fleetcor. I simply can't believe that a company we've worked with for over four years acts in such bad faith, but they do. Then, once they get you suckered into an "agreement," their word is worthless and they do whatever they want.


8 months ago

These guys will do whatever they can to get in your pocket. They have dozens of different fees of every conceivable nature. The fees negate any fuel program savings you might have. Customer service is virtually nonexistent. If you have an issue plan on getting passed around a lot and being told you need to call yet another number. It takes hours to get anything resolved with these clowns.
If you sign up with these guys, I guarantee you will regret it.
Very confusing billings with lots of fees on the overall account and each card number. Much is billed in multiple separate sections/reports and then the various report totals are added into on final amount due. The fees and finance charges when added up might be described as usurious.


10 months ago

I apply for fuelman fleetcard was told
I needed to put deposit I did for 1500.00
Two days later I was denied
I鈥檓 trying to get my deposit back
No one seems to know how I can get it back
They are ripping people off and it鈥檚 a scam
Deron Christian is the one who took my deposit do not give them or him no money it鈥檚 a total rip-off


1 year ago

As many others have said, STAY AWAY! These guys have many shady business practices such as excessive fees and adding additional services without consent. They are super inconsistent with their names/numbers so that they can continue to scam you.


1 year ago

I've been with them for years. They are a pain in the asses to work with. Their process to change your banking information is OMG I don't know how to describe it but as stone-aged, not even D.O.S. can be this antiquated. You fill out a form with a copy of your check present to them and it takes two weeks to get updated. God forbid there is an error it's another two weeks. If you don't inform your bank so that they can cover the withdrawal (ATF) the will freeze your account. No phone call, no email, just vehicles at the pump with empty tanks.


1 year ago

It is a HORRIBLE COMPANY TO EVER WORK FOR! I will not recommend anyone to work here, training is long and is not helpful at all when you actually start working. Supervisors barely know what they are doing, and the trainers get frustrated trying to train and help people!!!!! DONT WORK HERE


1 year ago

Price gouging on fees, unethical business practices. Signing up additional services without consent, I canceled said services, then they started them up again, I'll explain. This company began a Fraud Protection campaign and and suddenly fraud occurred on one of our cards 2 times within 2 separate billing periods. This card was not lost or stolen, and no issues of this kind previously on our account. We then felt like we needed it so agreed to keep the charge. They price gouge on fees and automatically set us up for options that we didn't sign up for; Accelerator Rewards Elite and Fraud protection, adding $38 in fees. I personally called and cancelled the rewards and they started billing it again to eat a credit, I'll explain. The credit that they applied to our account was for 2 extreme late fees that we were charged. One late fee for being 1 day late (1st time) was for $214.35, the 2nd and last time that we were late was by 3 days and the fee was $321.24, billing periods May and June of 2019, also this is when the fraud occurred. We were issued the credit back for this amount and then they proceeded to increase our monthly fees by the following: Fleetdash Subscription $29.97, Card Fee $26, Fraud Protection Fee $26, and the Accelerator Rewards Elite $12. Mind you they started billing these once they knew that we were phasing out, our fees went from $13.83 to $93.97 so they could eat our credit. I only allowed 1 card to be used while we used up the account credit that we had. Fuelman only bills every 2 weeks vs 1 time per month and do not make it easy to go to a monthly payment. We asked 3 times before we were ever late, to be billed one time per month, and they said it shouldn't be an issue because we always paid Early. No one ever made the change and I asked 3 different people. They also do not make sense on the auto payment option, which we always opt for with our vendors. I believe that they have a motive in forcing customers to pay bi-weekly, this gives more opportunity to charge excessive fees. The customer service is lacking and doesn't get any issues resolved, the billing being the main issue for our company. I tried to call today and cancel the account and no one answers the phone, system updates once again. I sent an email with instruction to cancel our account and remove any payment options stored in their system. Very Unethical Practices.


1 year ago

This is long overdue but I have attempted to get some issues resolved but their latest tactic this morning was to just hang up. I was in contact with the regional manager and the guy that signed us up, who is a friend of mine, and no response to email or voicemail. And this has gone on for months. Finally cancelled the account and paid all charges last Thursday and thought all was finished. Billing date is Monday and I see that, once again, there is a charge from somewhere and a healthy late penalty. ON A CLOSED AND SETTLED ACCOUNT. Unbelievable. They are bad for small business! Avoid at all costs. Or it will cost you.


1 year ago

This company is the worst I have done business with in my 38 years in business. Just please do not try it!!!


1 year ago

I would put negative stars if possible. this company does not process payments in time charges you outrageous fees. I closed my account and have been waiting over 8 weeks and still no reimbursement of what I had overpaid on account. the support are friendly when you get ahold of them but the executives should go to prison.


1 year ago

I can't believe I'm actually taking time out of my day to write a review.

But this company can't go on like this. This company is BAD! And if you don't understand that try: terrible, horrible, unfriendly, poor, etc. you get the picture. They cancel credit cards for no reason and you can NEVER get them on the telephone. When you go through their voicemail process and actually try talk to a person the phone automatically hangs up. They need to close up now. If there was less than a one star rating I would give it to them.

Run away and run fast


2 years ago

WORSE company out there …. they take 14 days to process a check so your account is always in the rare. That is only so they can charge you a ridiculous late fee. I was on hold for an hour and the I was disconnected. That happened 3 times! They tell you they are transferring you to someone that can help you and when that person gets on the line and you explain AGAIN what is happening and what you want to do they say Oh I'm sorry I have to transfer you to another department. All I was doing was trying to cancel my account and after 3 hang ups and 2 hours later I still have not gotten that done. STAY AWAY from this fuel card.


2 years ago


I was offered a Fuel card through Chevron/Texaco. I used the card for $62.07 in fuel. In the small print they say that I was on a Net14 terms so when I paid within 30 days it incurred a $77 late fee. So I paid the $77 & the $62.07. This put the account at a $0 balance. However, when I logged in to the account they have a new balance of $231. This is for 3 more late fees of $77. There was a 0 balance after my final payment. I want the additional fees removed and the card closed. This is a scam! Their "fee gouging is fraudulent" and the public should be warned about this of scam.


2 years ago

This company cannot be trusted at all. When they called me to get me to sign up for their cards, they sold me by telling me that I would be 10 cents off per liter for the first 90 days at any Esso or Husky stations in Canada. I got my first bill and no discounts were there. They then told me that that the discounts would show up on the second bill. I believed them and we continued to use the cards. I got the second bill and there was a discount of only $2 on that bill. I called and emailed my representative and that is when she started to back pedal. She then told me that we had to fuel at Cardlock stations only (first time I had EVER heard that) and that we had a tiered system of discounts and had to buy a certain number of liters to get the higher discounts. Never was any of this communicated to me until after I got my second bill. We have now cancelled these cards.


2 years ago

Horrible company. they hang up, and make everything difficult.

Why Chevron and Texico use them is a mystery to me.

I will find other gas suppliers for my company.

Sad…they are so lousy.


3 years ago

Fleetcor the global fleet card company

Fleetcor,,,, Don't do it, What a joke
Worst customer service ever. Months of review for a legitimate $4000.00 claim. I will plaster all of social media and Google with our experience. I will also be seeking legal counsel about this issue. I will share my experience with everyone in the industry. Your system is flawed. All timelines were met. Your debacled customer service has been aware since day one. I have documentation that this dispute has been on going since February and all we were given was the run around because of your incompetent employees from overseas outsourcing who do not know how to do their damn jobs. This is ridiculous considering the amount of money that has been paid to you, THAT IS NOT YOURS!!!!


3 years ago

Owns many companies including thefuelcard company, promises made to send fuel card, deposits paid, fleetcor nor thefuelcard company sent fuel card (8 weeks!!!!) and the person who i meant to be dealing with is constantly ignoring my calls because i asked for refund.
Emails dont get answered. Thieves. Daylight!


3 years ago

We have been a loyal customer with Shell for many years.

So why are we leaving Fleetcor/Shell:

1. Fleetcor sent us invoices by regular, traditional post office
2. One of these invoices was not delivered by the post office
3. We could not pay this invoice because we had no knowledge that it existed
4. We found out about the unpaid invoice upon reciving a letter from a debt collection company about our debt to Fleetcor/Shell
5. I immediately called Fleetcor to explain this matter – they implied it is our fault, because we should have **guessed** that maybe the post office did not deliver the invoice (really Fleetcor?)
6. Fleetcor informed during that same phonecall that they had also blocked our Shell cards (without any notice and permanently)
7. Fleetcor said we would have to pay extra for new cards
8. Fleetcor said we would have to write a letter explaining this situation to their credit department and maybe then they will kindly let our company buy fuel from Shell, we also have to give ca 350 EUR deposit to Fleetcor (I thought they were joking, but no…)

Fleetcor never contacted our company in any way to ask why we did not pay the invoice.

All this because the post office failed to deliver the invoice…

A very, very disappointing experience with Fleetcor.

Unbelievable Shell accepts this kind of policy and customer treatment, we do not…


4 years ago



4 years ago

I have a shell card with my business which is thru the fleetcard company….i have been led to believe fleetcor own them now.
There has been mistake after mistake and they now owe me money which i estimate to be about 70.00 they offered me 7.00 and this was a manager called Helen…. they have been useless from the 1st time i called to the last which was approx 10 times. I told Helen that I had enough of the errors and lack of customer service,being promised everyday a callback which never happened and I wanted to close my account, her answer was yes i can do that for you!!!!
Im disgusted and will be telling everyone how i have been treated and to not ever use fleetcard company or fleetcor.

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