4 years ago

My friends and I used to play another multiplayer browser game, but we got tired of how the game has been taken over by bots and sellers. We wanted something new, because who wants to be a noob in a long-running game? I sure don't.

One of my friends found this game called Fleet Wars.It's still in beta. I love playing such a new game. The game developer is often in chat and responds to gamer suggestions. I like that this is a space theme without being over-the-top sci-fi.

My boyfriend and I love to play strategy games like this together. You have to decide which types of ships you'll make to defend your home planet and to siege other planets. You also decide the way you organize your fleets for battle. I really like that part. The players did not have the chance to change weapon order in the last game we played.

This beta game has just added a new component called Objectives, which are goals the player can work through. It's really cool! I would recommend this game to anyone who wants to play a beta game and those who were like my friends and I who were sick of all the bots and cheats on other games.

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