3 months ago

Click and colleckt. H酶fligt personale. Bestilte vare stod klar. Alting klappet og klar


4 months ago

Fin service 馃憤馃従


5 months ago

S氓 fin service med click and collect
Venligt og smilende personale


6 months ago

Cant not recommend them, especially when pre-ordering.

You will get almost outdated beer if you don't specific tell them each item what date you want. (Preorder)

I got 9 flak / ks 24x33cl of beer that had only 44days left on it.
Mailed them about it but they will not give any refund or discount on it. Really bad!
The answer was it has to be less than 30days before they discount…

216x33cl beer in 44 days = 5 beers a day good luck.

One flak / ks of 24x33cl was also missing…
That one they at least offered the money back for.

Then in the store there was one price on the shelf and another price at the cashier.
That one they corrected after I told them and took a photograph of the product on the shelf with the price.

Got good response when preordering.
But I had not expected that I had to tell them that I want decent dates on every specific product.
It was more products that had bad best before date, less than 90days.

Normally you get somewhere between 150-360 days when buying before its out dated.

So dont preorder!
Check all dates on products before leaving!


6 months ago

Jeg er altid glad for at handle hos fleggard.
Super service. Godt personale.


6 months ago

Alt i alt, en fin forretning at handle i, er glad for, man kan betale, ved udlevering, n氓r man, har bestilt online 馃憤馃榾


2 years ago

I go every 1-2montha and it always has good prices. Maybe its a little overcrowded….but it does not stop anyone from getting some good products.
Very excitet to go each time


4 years ago

Webbsite not working well, errors, lost shoppinglist several times. Poor info about prices (when offer ending…), prices Changes constantly. But when got the order finally sent, it worked well, no problem with delivery.

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