4 years ago

We purchased a house from Fletcher Homes thinking that fibre broadband would be supplied shortly as everywhere else in the village has the fibre service. 3 years later still no Fibre and now only receiving 512 mb while everyone else in the village is getting 75MB on the fibre service. Its 2016 and 512meg is just not acceptable.

As more and more houses are sold the speed is getting even slower. Fletcher Homes were given the option by BT to install fibre when the houses were being built. I would expect this to sell more houses, Fletcher Homes decided not to do this leaving all the people that have paid hundreds of thousands of pounds for houses with no communication solutions.

Tried speaking with Fletcher Homes many times along with many of the other residents but they weren't interested and just ended up ending the phone calls.

Very poor customer service!! Don't care about their customers once they have had your money.

Don't buy a house in an area that has no fibre and not even a decent usable broadband connection.

Houses really not worth the money, poorly constructed with cheap materials the houses are falling apart just 3 years on!!

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