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4 months ago

Placed an order for 2 rolls of the 12'x10' tape on 28 September.
On 29 September, received an e-mail claiming the order had shipped, via FedEx. Tracking number was given.
I live in Northern NY State, about 100 miles from the capital, 40 miles from the nearest "large city" so the delivery route used is, to me, disgusting:

On 29 September, my order left Georgia.
30 September, it arrived in West Virginia.
01 October, arrival in Massachusetts where it sat until…
05 October, it appeared in a town only 100 miles from me in NY and was THEN sent to a town in Connecticut… 250 miles away!
07 October, TWO DAYS later, it's still in Connecticut with a delivery date of…
13 October!

In addition to this FedEx information I see that my order will be handed-off to the USPS. My experience with this method of shipping has never been positive. (UPS has a similar "service" and ALL of my orders that were "handed-off" to USPS have arrived damaged. Not so with ANY shipments handled strictly by UPS.)

Contacting FlexSeal is useless because they deflect responsibility to FedEx and contacting FedEx is useless because they say, appropriately, that the "Shipper" chooses the method of shipment (the "hand-off").

The "FlexTape" isn't cheap (inexpensive), and what makes all of this worse is that the delays have now put me in a position where, by the time the tape arrives, it will be too late for me to make any use of it for the purpose intended. I now have to invest added expense in time, travel and money to (hopefully) find a reasonable substitute for a product I was assured would be my best bet. So it's costing me MUCH more than I've already spent in time and money. And "support", "assistance", basic concern? Apparently none. I've tried sending e-mails to "Flexsealproducts"… 2 out of 3 have been "returned" as "undeliverable".

I most certainly would advise: If you can't get it at your local retailer, find an alternative. (Personally, I'll NEVER buy another "Flex" product, no matter where it's available nor the job to be done.)


6 months ago

One of the best memes to exist. Phil is a madman.


7 months ago

I placed my order with Flex Seal on 7/27/2020. After two weeks I did not receive a confirmation from Flex Seal nor did I receive my product. I sent several emails to the company and all they said is that they received my order. They indicated that it will take 30 days from the date of the order. This is absolutely unacceptable and I write this posting so "consumers be aware". If you are not in immediate need of this product (Flex Seal Paste), then order but be prepared for a long wait.


2 years ago

I used Flex Seal to patch, bond, seal and repair my depression. To show you the incredible power of Flex Seal,

I sawed this review in half.

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