7 months ago

A 580.00 forex scam

Was suppose to be a legitimate forex trader. After promising that there were no hidden fees to pay, I was suppose to receive payment. When the time came, all of a sudden, there were hidden fees to be paid. I emailed the company about their affiliate and no response. These people will say anything to get your money and then they will mislead you down the rabbit hole only to try and get more money. I'm not even sure the person who contacted me is even a real person.


11 months ago

Not releasing profits after being paid for them and stealing investments

I invested 300 dollars worth of bitcoin on this site. they ahd a fake trader make it look like it had grown to thousands and then told me I would have to pay to withdraw my profits. I paid them and they now will not return emails or release the profits that I paid them for. They stole 900 dollars from me.

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