Flexsteel Industries

6 months ago

I purchased a sofa and ottoman manufactured by Flexsteel. The materials used are inferior in quality and have been pilling for years. Flexsteel will do nothing to help resolve my problem and does not stand behind their products.


3 years ago

I spent my retirement check on what I thought was quality furniture .The brand being flexsteel,I thought it would be a good investment.It was a pretty dark brown leather..was I wrong! Within a few months the recliner started making grinding noises each time the up and down button was pressed; like it was rubbing on something Had a technician come twice and he couldnt seem to hear the noise.He said you need to sit in the middle.What, never heard of that!!Finally,another management person came and found the whole mechanical unit was bent scraping.They replaced it..got a new chair.Then within two or three years the couch leather started turning orange and the lines in the leather made it look 20 yrs old.Obvious poor quality,I tried to contact Flex steel..no response!I felt I had just wasted thousands for junk furniture.Looked on line for reviews on these products.I was shocked at all the bad reports, pages of them!Just so you know,check out the reviews before wasting your money.I will never buy their products again.Sould have taken a vacation instead!!!!

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